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Cheyenne Sep 2015
Why am I drawn to you so?
Is it the memories that makes it so I cant leave you alone?
I remember the feeling of your lips on mine
How your hand roamed my body.
Why can i not just let you go?
The way you smile,
Those eyes of yours.
That body that I remember oh so well.
Although we have both moved on,
And others have felt our touch,
My dear I will always love you.
And perhaps I shall always feel this lust
He is not one to be forgotten
Derekis Jan 2015
If only I could say goodbye,
One last.. one more single time,
it would have made me free
but it's too late now
our old world has to go.

I feel so alone,
our ****** bond on the floor.
It's too late now
as our warm memories fall
into time's cold door.

I'm not going to make it..
through this pointless struggle.
My body can't take it.
I am tired to my core.

Feelings of encroaching danger
and I don't want to surrender
our memories, so tender
but I feel guilt's unforgiving gaze
through this grey gloomy haze
and I can't deal with this feeling

If only you could see me cry,
you could see how I feel
because I know your trust,
I will never restore..
You surely have traded with me
Some intense part of your soul
Your haunting memories impairs my senses
As i constantly drift into the dark past

I can feel your lurking darkness in my soul
Radiating gloomily
In the deep red stream that gives me life
Tommy Randell Dec 2014
Just as I placed flowers into an empty vase this day
I remember folding that flapping bird many years ago
And with the same care

It is hands and how they move objects through space
How briefly they transpose boundaries across time and distance
And locally how they bring the here into the now

Our hands are driven of course by motivated need
The willingness to be diverted for a while
When perhaps they would better serve by just not being hands

When you walk upon the hands they become feet
When you talk with your hunger you become greed
When you love with loneliness you become origami

These chrysanthemums will not live long in fresh air
Just as dreams of far off moments will not become flesh again ever
But for a day or longer may they lift my spirits

Flapping into the still air beyond my window looking always on the past.
Leah Hollis Mar 2014
Do you sometimes think,
if the earth was spinning a little slower,
if the star exploded a moment sooner,
if my atoms were scattered just a little closer
to yours,
You might still be here?

— The End —