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Deena Jul 9
The doors scream;
The tiles creak;
The wind shrieks, shattering the grimed windows;
The window shutters slam in agony and anger;
The electricity thrums in anticipation of violence;
The wolves howl at the screaming doors forcing a brute entrance;
The silken blood rushed into each crevice running from imprisonment;
The enraged Earth quivers and shakes in pure, undiluted rage;
The inflamed sky rips the ground and everything upon it to shreds, painting the world ruby red;
The universe tears itself apart in a flurry of  unrelenting sorrow and agony;
All as the blood of a sheep seeps into the souls of the living.
So, our goodbye
Could not be *******
It had to be with words

The human contradiction
To face a Reality
With an Absurd

When what we needed
Was tears and after ***
A begging not to go

We ended it all
With pleasantries
And saying we'd stay close

I paid the tab
And got your coat and
Caught your wave from the corner

Went back in
To drown my sorrows
In a private torture

I could tell you now
I forgot you quickly
But that would be a lie

I could tell you how
I left the City
Became a different guy

But life's not like that
And, Celia
After almost 50 years

The Poet in me trembles
Vividly remembers
And is tortured in arrears

Three separate wives
Many different lives
My heart has never moved

All I have lost
All it has cost
Celia, the permanence of you.
Neuvalence Aug 2018
For a second the clouds
cover our sunlight
Whilst we are on a journey
away from somber thoughts;
At this point:
water silently flows from our cheeks
Enemies embroidered in gold dresses
deceive our minds
Light sits within
the warmth of the river
Adrian Nov 2017
When we were kids
And a planetarium
Was a most wonderful place
Everyone simply obsessed
With outer space.
It was strange
And new
And beautiful
It was full of wonder
As was everything
A galaxy of stars
And empty space
We were flying through it all
To a new planet
For us to discover
Floating towards the future
It was like a dream
But as we grow up
We realize
Falling stars are chunks of ice and rock
Not wishes
And stars and the sun
Are ***** of flaming gas
The wonder fades
And you realize
Outer space
Would truly be a lonely place
Alone out there
But I guess it would still better
Than here
And you yearn
For that wonder to come back
But even if it would
Someone would take it away
They always do.
Growing up is sudden
And shocking
And changes you
And you wish you could go back
To planetariums
And outer space
But you can't.
We are all stars
***** of fire
That will eventually die out.
But some of us are falling
And hoping someone will catch us.
PN Parent Aug 2014
Maybe I will tell you
once my blood changes form
once my lungs have burned to dust
once I empty my mind

once I am no longer

Then I will tell you
                  thank you
                             for stealing my innocence

— The End —