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Yvonne Jun 2017
Pain is not a punishment
if it is created from your hands.
Your touch will make me feel again
heart beats fast, my mind runs empty.
Kissing you is not romantic
it is full of hunger, dominating.
Who overpowers lust
while eating each other's faces.

******* you is not just ******
it is a revelation itself.
The best feeling to be felt
you know my lips so well

Hating you is not a bad thing
cause hating means caring.
Something I will always do
I hate you for loving too.

Loving you is not amazing
it is the hardest thing to do.
Loving life is loving you
a foolish act, yet needed.
Yvonne May 2017
A glance towards the innocent
Only you don't see it that way
You put your hatred into others
to make sure they will obey

Use and misuse the human rights
"Oh Baphomet your wicked ways"
The diversions you desire
The perversions sought on earth

Since dawn of time, your presence
brought men satisfying lies
Lust in the holy ****** her eyes
Baphomet a name full of essence

Praised by those who found you
To provide destruction
Hang the skeptics..
Yvonne May 2017
In the beginning
men birthed gods
creators of all and everything

Gods with and without faces
unreachable in life yet close in mind

All need to be perfect for gods
yet they ignore the fact that
they could be their own
Yvonne May 2017
Roaming in the dark
seeking life to take apart
Once a creature with a higher purpose
But after your missteps you began to hurt us

Destruction is what you live for
You want us to suffer because of our nature
"Baphomet I know it's hard, you don't know regret."
Try to be logical avoid your hateful thread.
Helping you is like a deathwish;
we know the dangers but we still accept it.

There he stands the creature of deception
In the eye of the beholder, he makes no exception..
Yvonne May 2017
I empty my mind in you
I whisper my sorrow in your ear,
make you think it's poetry

Written words in pain yet plain
You would like to know but no
In protest with truth you are
You accept lies from others,
put them in your gigantic mason jar

I can't condone myself
for the things I said
But emotions don't hang well with me
Yet you still want more of my sensuality

Lusting without trust
No feelings here that are similar to love
But still, you stay and worship me at night
You want to get inside my head
I don't like that idea let's just go to bed
Yvonne May 2017
Here today, in hell tomorrow.
If wisdom leads me there, I won't feel sorrow.

If the man who wanders in darkness
is ready to take my carcass

My body decayed by nature
my soul released in danger.

When the moon if fading out
and my brains are aroused.

When my existence is no longer needed
and stupidity at last seceded.
Yvonne Apr 2017
Eyes locked
Breath stopped
Cliche stuff
I've had enough

Pain and pleasure
Torture and bliss
You and me
Delete memories

Go astray
Never staying
Like a flower
Soon decaying

Ending fantasies
Never lusting again
Our times
Over and done

Promises were written
Should keep them
Leave you behind
Loved you without knowing why
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