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Henry Mar 28
Our Father, who art in the flames
Hallowed be thy name
Their kingdoms fall
Thy will was done
You gave us our freedom
We remember your sacrifice
And we will not forgive blasphemy
May you burn their temptations
And keep us from the smolder
For thine is the fire
The freedom, and the sacrifice
The Yellow Sky #2
Ma Cherie Jul 2016
"I'm NOT going to tell you
this is NOT
JUST a test
like I tell ALL the rest

that it's ONLY
a test?
you should know better"

I'm noticing this guy has a lot of ink
all over
and the darkest kind

"So it's NOT
Not an ordinary exam?
this ain't basketball tryouts?"
I ask...
"I just took a walk in the park
had a...
****** knuckle sandwich
I played pinochle
with the Old Man
rode in bear backed
like Lady Godiva...."

I heard
words &
Maniacal laughter
played by symphony  of demons
& smirking
violinists in the background

"I'll tell you it
a super difficult one..."

".....continue reading my contract...."

reading and absorbing
unfathomable amounts of learning
and yearning
excellent Earning Potential
requires a decent,
above average
genius IQ
i don't need anything
other than...
leave my heart behind
and any other angels
my set of wings
saved aside
this is just a ride
I tell myself
they cast him out you know
fallen Angel other Gods, Mommy, Daddy, deities....xcetera.

"logically it's been there all along
everyone hears me
not like you can IGNORE my voice
you've seen my ad...."

(a bony finger with a long sharp nail
points upward)...

"up there
you know where...
on the billboard in Times Square
i am 100% certain it was you"

and it is
here I am.
Okay, I'm in control...breathe
take a sip of moonshine first
a little chuckle

Lucifer continues....

"You can bring Conscience along
she has been cleared.. "
Loudspeaker coming on
"We repeat
this is NOT a Strong Storm warning
there won't be any arms waving
no lights like at the airport
telling you where to land
no hands outside the vehicle
or for holding"

A pause, closing
he looks my way...saying

"You'll stop at the Crossroads
lose the shirt
see a
blinking Amber Alert
don't stop at the bar
no flirting....

look back
actually there's a poetic flood
it's coming
that 'deluge' of your
bloodstained Indigo ink"
filled paper
boats are
floating &
he is gloating
"you might refer to the Ark section
of your Manual
before it's time to go...."

I gather important
necessary documents
for example making sure my will is signed
on the dotted line
***** donor checked off
blood type
leaving all others behind
no certainty of any kind
may not return
from an
Unknown Destination
things tend to get worse
  before they get better
  grab a sweater
a bumpy ride
my friend
dragging those
    sharpened ink filled
       down a chalkboard...
       I  buckle up
   transportation provided
nausea subsided
here I go
down below
  "I thought
     I would
     always have to
      take you
        & screaming
        still saying the
        Lord's Prayer
        signed, sealed
          & delivered."
         I smile...
         nod ...
          I say
           guess so"
            time to go
           getting up
            from a chair...
             & I swear
              I am
 ­                any

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Recently had a seizure in my sleep, had before during bad insomnia and anxiety....mixed with prescribed new medications in the study of Medicine
unknown reasons, it felt like I was pinned to the bed and I remembered something my Maternal Grandmother told me to recite the Lord's Prayer, she said there would be times when I would need it
and I have
  somehow I could do it even if I wasn't saying it sounded like I was trying to apparently.
I'm not overly religious
baptized Catholic, born again Christian
Native American dreamer...
but  I am very spiritual and it got me through that horrible thing whether it was a dream, a seizure or something else, prayer works.
"Our Father
who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name
thy kingdom come
thy will be done on Earth
as it is in heaven
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but Deliver Us from Evil
And I believe there's an Amen
Some possible alternative endings ...
anyway thanks all :)
Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2016
I envy the Eagles that sore In the blue sky,
Arial combatants, the vertically inclined,
The shriek of the eagle with fire in its eyes,
Blood on its talons, wings held so wide,
I awe at these angles with a lust in my mind,
Inspired by the talents, true lords of the sky,
Swift by nature, born for flight, torn in fights,
Broken feathers, scars of time, over the edge,
With the wind as a guide or up in the clouds like birds of a feather,
Long live the clever proud eagle forever and ever!!
Rex Forté Dec 2014
We plyed our oars as we sweeped across the surf,
our ships skimming the water with ease,
we seized towns, plundered fishing ports, sacked cities,
we worshipped the great Odin, in his hall in Asgard,
All for what?
We did this, so we might go to Valhalla, the last revelry.
I'm  npt Norwegian, but I'm interested in their mythology and history.

— The End —