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S I N Dec 2019
The cold and metal sterility of
Aisles as if the cobweb is stretching its
Threads in every direction of Wind Rose
All coming from core of the building
Prewar being pretty but now such a pity
To behold such a sight devoid of all bright
-ness and joy and just silver alloy is
Covering walls that just barely hold
The hulk bulk of this place O ‘Tis better
Erase every one and a-last my remembrance
Of past of this place O no grace was in
This nor in taking a **** in a sink or a
Bathtub a hot tub of water so scald just
To peel you off skin yours in a moment
Like this click-clack your body wrap
Around your bones though y’all are gone
From this den of all vilest and direst of
Creatures this world ever descry and was
Witness O no ‘tis place now occupied
With all fears and a fright of being
Dragged ‘nto that mess where no room
Was for lest you’d be one of their kind
But you need to get rind off these wall
And to fill all the holes with the bodies
Of moles yes of all moles in the world
You piece of O never mind a was just
******* and a **** in the sink
Of a bathtub whence water from time
Ago had all gone like o hell like you know
Vaporized leaving no trace for a plate
With a bread to be fed to that ones
Wretched dwellers who were all
Rolling Hellers till one day this one
Fellow ain’t show up in this joint
With his strap and his oint and
O no I just can’t I just cause you’re my
Friend but I can’t o please stop o
Please no o stop I can’t take i orghs

This one is out; bring another
This pile of **** to the others outside
Burn them after we done here
I am myself Nov 2014
A world created
In my mind
A place where
Not only was I yours
But you were mine

Head trauma
Must have occurred
Fill my brain
I see them only when you speak

Busted thing
My heart
My mind
Body betrays me

I die.

Depression crushes
Breaks me down
What can I do
Bury me now
Merhaba Şiir May 2014
Ah, küçücük gemi, sulara attın şimdi kendini, delisin
Ah, yakarlar seni, dönmezsin bir daha geri, delisin

Ah, deniz olayım, tuzumu rüzgârda savurayım, deliyim
Ah, ne yelken ne yel, köpüklerde kaybolayım, deliyim

Kime sorsam dönüşüm yok
Nereye gitsem mavi
Yelkenimde deli rüzgâr
Her yanım tuz, deliyim

Ah, peşimde rüzgâr, ne yağmurlar dost ne bir kıyı var,
Ah, düşlerim kaldı, yalnızım düşlerim kaldı, deliyim

Ah, yaralı kalbin, sönüp gidecek yaralı kalbin, delisin
Ah, küçücük gemi, dönmezsin bir daha geri, delisin

Kime sorsam dönüşüm yok
Her gemi biraz deniz
Her yanım mavi, her yanım yel
Her yanım tuz..

— The End —