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Julie Grenness Jan 2016
Fractured Fairytales, Part Two,
A sordid little tale for you.......
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
Lil' Red Riding Hood,
Alone in the woods,
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
Who is this stranger?
It's the Park Ranger!
Is he up to no good?
Prowling around in the woods?
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
Lil' Red Riding Hood,
Alone in the woods,
He's thrown away her phone,
Now Lil' Hood is not alone,
Now he's up to good,
Bad news for Lil' Red  Riding Hood,
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
Bad Park Ranger!
Stranger Danger!
He's turned her into a ****,
Now he's got her up the duff,
Stranger Danger!
Bad Park Ranger!
Now she's a single mother,
Should have had a better mother,
Letting her walk alone in the woods,
Bad handsome Park Ranger,
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
A sordid little verse for you,
That was Fractured Fairytales, Part Two.
Feedback welcome, Fractured Fairytales Part One, was the tale of Cinderella and her handsome fella!
Mr Buddy Apr 2015
5- Mr. Buddy wait for me.....
7- Time for dinner Mr. PP.....
5-Mr. Lake Minnetonka.......
Lil haiku i just whipped up
Josh Bass Oct 2014
The greatest cure for depression
I have ever witnessed
Is a tiny little
cat named
Lil Bub
I was never a Cat person, but jeez that cat melts it's way right into your soul.  I now truly believe in the ability of animals to help, when other things won't
Edmond Guillaume Jun 2014
Each day I fly far
from the nest.
Through commerce,
through industry --
consumers of
human identity,
I pass unnoticed
as if a shadow
in a forest.

My body lifts,
made strong by your song,
and the fire

building in me flaring in my carrying me
feathers intact from
the cracked cement
and metal, bent --
the brambles that creep
on our bodies in sleep.

— The End —