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Nisren Dec 2014
Depression has me by the throat every day,
stealing my voice,
along with my sense of pride.
Nisren Dec 2014
I spent my day listening to poetry so that one day I could tell you how I feel
One day you will know that every drink I swallow makes it harder for to me tell you how I feel
Each cigarette steals a couple minutes of torment that comes with silence between us
I would rather have every minute be silent, than not see you at all.
I may not know what love is, but I know how to care, and nurture someone.

You will never see this poem, I accept that, this is an image of my heart.
This is how I spend my days, thinking of you, and what could be.
The hope that you will like me, and if you don't I will accept that.
But give me a chance, and you'll never regret it, I am no chameleon, I am exactly how I seem.
Broken, lost, hungry, and ambitious. I know not what I will do with my life, but I know I'd spend every second of each ******* day with you.

I hate the fact that I can never tell what my emotions are telling me, whether it is to love or hate,
Fight or run. I will not run from you, commitment does not scare me when I think of you. My actions will speak for these beliefs I have, and I hope I don't scare you away.
Nisren Nov 2014
Trying to run from problems,
wishing there was another way.
Drugs, and alcohol block these feelings,
pushing them  farther back.
Unable to push it away,
You can't see the pain I am in.
Avoid me, I'll see you on the other side either way.
**** drugs, and **** alcohol.
Nisren Nov 2014
My thoughts bleed onto paper, as if my heart was stabbed.
Gushing forth, no bandage can stop it,
A chasm is what is left of a beating heart.
Voiceless laying dead on the ground.
  Nov 2014 Nisren
Call Me Satan
there is a girl,
who won't give in.
you pollute her life,
with every lie and every sin.

this girl is strong,
courageous and willing.
she thinks she is tough,
but this is only the beginning.

there is a girl,
her smile so pure.
but innocence won't last,
and there's never a cure.

now this girl,
what does she do wrong?
maybe a cut on her wrist,
will prove she is strong?

there is a girl,
she can't stand any more.
she feels too weak,
her wrists are too sore.

there was a girl,
she had enough.
she didn't want to be strong,
she didn't want to be tough.

now this goes out to all the bullies.
you think you're clever, wise and loud?
well now she's dead,
do you feel proud?
Nisren Nov 2014
Oh how I ache to see you.
To be in your enchanting aura,
basking in the warm glow emanating from your radiance.
Your beautiful hazel eyes consume my soul,
blushing and smiling, our lips met.
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