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Does it ever cross your mind? The thought of losing me, I mean. Does it sting like fire ants? Painful but not serious.

I don't know when or how the butterflies in my stomach turned to wasps, stinging the muscles, making it sore and burn but I swear at one point, we were the most beautiful human chromosomes paired....

or was it always an option? Leaving me, I mean.
Sarbirah Parker Apr 2016
People everywhere .
I bask in the noise of the crowd .
Why are there so many people?
I get lost in the crowd
and fall to bed , with my soulmate .
It is then , when I was about to sleep .
I realise it was all in my head .

I was basking in the noise of silence .
Why was there so much space ?
I was lost in my mind .
I fell to bed , with tears
And with my empty soul .

It was then when I woke ,
I realised my arms wrapped around myself
I always sleep alone .
Sarbirah Parker Mar 2016
Time after time
People just give up on me
I am way to dark
Past these soulless eyes I guess no one can see

I'm like no other
No one will stop my thoughts of train
Taking no note of who surrounds me
Could I be insane ?

No one will ever know
And I don't really fear
Don't use your light to attack my dark vulnerability .
I actually like it here .
Sarbirah Parker Mar 2016
I am a prisoner to the outside .
I am never getting in .
I am flowing with the gentle tide
That does not flow within .

You keep me here ,
Never letting me free
Not even when I shed the tears
You will never ever see

I remain on the outside ,
Never getting out .
No matter how much I've tried ,
You will never hear me shout .

Although my cries are silent .
My thoughts run deep ,
My eyes are a red tint ,
My eyes tired of , weep .

I observe from the outside .
Freedom is what I will never gain .
I am drowning in the gentle tides .
A prisoner I will remain .
Sarbirah Parker Feb 2016
When the land dried ,
Lots of things died .
Many questioned if they would remain ,
Then the land was filled with rain .
You see to your disasters ,
Though you're not our master .
Your eyes like fire and body like stone .
We still face your waters that leave us to bone .
Winds that yearn to rustle the trees ,
Winds that bring us to our knees .
Your craters , marks , flaws and all ,
Leave those who sees and believes to bawl .
Beauty that not even the smartest can comprehend ,
How would something so beautiful come to an end ?

We still breathe your air ,
But your beauty leaves us ...  
breathless .

— The End —