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Leone Lamp May 2021
Skipping class, ****** off his ***,
Never showed and never passed
Teacher was teachin' it
But Dylan never needed it,
Writ to his own beat
And now he's free wheelin' it
On down the road
A heavy moss laden load
Sixty-one routes
And that stone keeps a-rollin',
The times keep a-changin'
The river keeps flowin'
Rainy day women
And legalized growin'
Bob cantcha spare,
A nickle or rhyme?
A solid gold medal,
Nobel poet sublime?
Sing us a song
Jingle jangle along
The Luckiest Wilbury
In the Wilbury throng
Singin' so right
It must be wrong
Keep doin' your thang
You'll never get gonged
My wife's grandpa had a writing class at MSU (Minnesota State University) with Bob Dylan, but Dylan never showed. He turns 80 on Monday (05/24) and I threw this together in his honour.
neth jones Aug 2019
Self Sickening Species

The Human Craving

The Gummy Decay
We Favour For Our Mortar

Our Truth-less
Clunny Actions

Sweet Tooth
We Solder On
Indulging Our Senses
Till Everything Is Flavourless
Thank of you guys ...for introducing me to the word ‘feening’
IncholPoem Jan 2019
While  wearing  t-shirt
        and  a  brown  cap
Two  knees  ar­e

         on  two  thighs.

Fingers   were
     functioning    like

             on  keyboard    to
  create   an   unique  tunes

    for Grammy  and  Oscar.

  A  woman   filmmaker
is  travelling  by  taking
her  movie  in  globe.

    ­Desires  deserve
             for  Oscar   or
              nominees  of  Oscar.

  A  zoologist
is    bein­g  prepared  to  submit
her   new  invention  for
Nobel  prize.
Kurt Carman Jul 2017
Today the angels arrived to receive your broken body and,
They placed you upon this peace train to take you home again.

Your non-violent mission for freedom will breathe past eternity,
Because the proverb reminds us… “you cannot cover the sun with one hand”

“Even if I am crushed into powder, I will embrace you with ashes” Liu Xiaobo
Àŧùl Oct 2016
Except for the Nobel Peace Prize,
Which carries a hefty prize money,
No other Nobel Prize is given by the rich Norwegians,
Presented are the rest by the Swedish,
And the Norwegian award just the Nobel Peace Prize.
Alfred Nobel had died in the guilt,
The guilt of inventing such death.
HP Poem #1196
©Atul Kaushal
AD Mullin Oct 2014
All colors come from the sun. And it does not have
Any particular color, for it contains them all.
And the whole Earth is like a poem
While the sun above represents the artist.

Whoever wants to paint the variegated world
Let him never look straight up at the sun
Or he will lose the memory of things he has seen.
Only burning tears will stay in his eyes.

Let him kneel down, lower his face to the grass,
And look at the light reflected by the ground.
There he will find everything we have lost:
The stars and the roses, the dusks and the dawns.

*Warsaw, 1943
Winner of the 1980 Nobel Prize for Literature

— The End —