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Tori Mar 2019
Hey dilly, day-lilies, sing me a song
As I walk past your bed, as I dally along
In the night, lilies, day dillies, I'll pass ere I go
And see petals tucked daintily, forming an "O"
As I pass, dilly dally, as daily I pass
Will you twist your green stems, entertain me at last?
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
Those greasers
made bad things
look cool.
Those socs
were so mean and cruel.
The rumbles, the fuzz, and the anger
teaches us
to stick together.
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
wraiths Aug 2015
i see you in most of the characters i read about, but there's one that's really caught my eye after going back and reading about him again. he's the broken hood with eyes that've hardened at the sights of the world; forgotten how to cry at an early age and unaware of the good that's left in people, aside from one. i know you joke about dying on your own terms, but i just hope to god you don't end up like your counterpart.

— The End —