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Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
Those greasers
made bad things
look cool.
Those socs
were so mean and cruel.
The rumbles, the fuzz, and the anger
teaches us
to stick together.
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Sara Kellie Nov 2018
Please accept this receipt
as my proof of purchase.
I'm returning the Police
'cause they're not fit for purpose.
My bike it was stolen
I'd said who and where.
The Police didn't bother
It's like they don't care.
Well they've sent me a summons
because of non payment.
Now it's four times the cost
and a bike that I've lost.

I'll glue on a moustache
and wear a **** hat.
Eat sprinkled donuts,
do **** all
and get fat.

and that's how I became a pig.

(ner ner, ner ner)
True story, that!
Elizabeth Zenk Nov 2018
Romantic fuzz.
In the aching void that washes through my brain.
Incomprehensible feelings,
that mess with my mind.
***** with my relationships.
And drown out the clarity.
If only I could pull it all together,
and make out what the static buzzing is trying to tell me.
the gritty hum of my frantic mind
tells me what to say
I'm a rocker who likes country
But lately what I find
is that whatever I am hearing
turns to foggy mountain breakdown
in my mind

I listen to Nirvana
And I love to hear it fuzz
But right now Dave Grohl's music
has got foggy mountain breakdown
kind of buzz

Someone saved my life tonight
Elton, don't you know
That right now when I hear it
it's got a foggy mountain breakdown
old banjo

Rock and Roll forever
That's always been my line
But now it doesn't matter
there's a foggy mountain breakdown
it sure don't sound like Motown
there's a foggy mountain breakdown
in my mind
Daniel Mashburn Sep 2014
All these midnight hours, I'm still alive
Catching fuzzies passing before my eyes
There's no great idea here, no! No metaphor
I'm catching fuzzies because I am bored

I have yet to catch one, no, not tonight
I'm catching fuzzies just to waste my time
The world passes me by, thinks I'm insane
I'm catching fuzzies, so I can't complain

Tired and frustrated, in all sincerity
I'm catching fuzzies to avoid humanity
The status quo of humans makes no kind of sense
I'm catching fuzzies to retain my innocence

Do something productive, tell me lots of lies
I'm catching fuzzies, instead of taking lives
Everyone lives with too much regret
I'm catching fuzzies just to prove what I have left

We need something to hold on to
So we don't have to forget
I tried to catch a fuzzy
But it slipped through my fist

— The End —