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Right beside me,
A support,
My other half,
My crying shoulder.
You’ve been here next to me
More willingly than any human
Has before.

I trust you,
Happier in your arms than
Any other place I’ve been.
Even when the tears overtake me
Or the numbness starts to seep in.
You've been there for me and
With me
Through the pain.

You are genuinely interested,
Loving me though you know my
Deepest sadness,
Broken trust,
Worst mistakes.
I don’t know why you do,
But I am incredibly grateful
You Love me
Despite myself.

With you
Cannot be put into
A simple wonderful.
It is more grand than
Any word ever known by mankind.
but at this point all I feel are tears.

Feeling in a dark brown mood today,
In dim shadows.

I appreciate you being here,
Standing by me. Even though
I feel as though I’ve betrayed you
By trusting you with my past.

You treat me with respect.
Even now, when I feel
I should be shunned and scolded.
It would make more sense if you did,
For I already feel worthless, helpless, lost
Again. Sunk in the memories...
The memories I regret every second of.

I’m sorry I was so reckless before.

I really wish I was the angel you thought I was...
Instead of ***** shattered pieces of glass littering the street.
I’m sorry, One I love.
Tender feelings
For the one I love most.
Waiting here,
Wondering when you will take the journey back,
Smiling because soon you will be in my arms.

Our future together.
This still is a dream,
That someone can love and care
About Me
Feels unreal.

I can feel it in the way you look at me,
The way you talk to me.
Respectful. Genuine. Honesty.
I love the way you snuggle me.

Can you hold me now?
Northeast tower,
West side,
Top window,
Back room,
Left corner,
Under the bed,
Trapped in my own mind.

Come rescue me.
When he found me, he pick me up and held me.
I know I am starting to love you,
I'm looking for a
Guardian angel,
Someone who could be my
Crying shoulder,
Who would never try and change me
Or think of abusing me.
He would have me forget the person
I once was--the one I hate.
I'm still waiting for him,
Someone that loves me,
Not only that but would miss me,
Deeply so.
Like how I would miss him,
Like a flower in the snow--
Missing the sun.

I don't know if he will understand
How I internalize everything,
Or how I don't let my secrets go
Without a fight, a struggle in my mind.
But he would understand that he loves me
With a love that will never go away.
I want to fall in love with a boy who...

Unravels my secrets one by one,
Knocking down my walls,
But doesn't push too hard.

Sees the pain in my eyes
He would hold me close without a sound.

Just holds me.

Would see all the tears I have cried,
The ones I couldn't bear to shed,
Wishing to find the missing pieces of me
And to fix my brokenness.

Writes down my half finished poems,
Memorizing my fickle words.

Confides in me his weakness and worries
Listening to mine with an open heart.

Above all he would never make me feel

Figures out what frustrates me and
Figure out my symptoms showing I'm stressed,


Cares more than anyone else could, more than anyone else has ever cared.

Would not be afraid to tease me,
Even when I tell him not to but he would still know his limits.
He would respect my wishes and requests.

Would be the one that makes me happy,
Secure, and
Want to be a better person for me,
And everyone else.

Loves music and
Loves singing, especially with me.

Chases rainbows with me and
Takes crazy weekend trips at the last minute.

Would love to create-- art, gardening, music, carpentry, cooking,
Or a variety of these things and more.

Debates with me--
Not argue mind you--
And have his own will,
So we could make decisions together.

Agrees with me on most things.

Is intelligent and wise,
So we could talk about

Is frugal,
But would never count the cost when it comes to me.

Would never withhold his forgiveness
And help, always trying to make me smile,
Even though he would always make me happy.
He would change his ways to be better,
No matter how good he already is.

Would marry me in the temple
But be nervous before the wedding,
Worried that this might not work in the end and he
Doesn't want to break me like other boys did.
But he knows that he would always love me
And this will work if we work together.

When he smiled, it would light up the world.

I want to fall in love with a boy that could love me with all his heart.
I miss you.
I await the time that you will pick me up,
Spin me around,
Kiss my lips and make everything better.
Because you can, my Dear.
At least for a moment.
The feeling of freedom and fulfillment you give me
Is beyond,
Far greater than my
Weak words could describe.
I desire the place right next to you,
In your arms,
Where I find
I showed you who I am.
You love me more for it.
I still don't understand how...
My world was dull, for it is hard to see color
When the light goes out.

Why is this amazing dream so hard to believe?
That someone would love me for
Who I am,
Who they think I am,
Or expect me to be.

Your kind smiles buoy me up,
I thrive on the kind words you speak
To me,
And long to be in your arms again,
My knight.

but now my world feels empty again, for now.
I miss you, my love.
Don't give me the knight in shining armor.
He hasn't fought his fight.
He may be too frail to pick me up,
Too weak to slay my dragon.

Don't give me the boy with a flawless life,
A pretty smile and feminine hands
Show how hard he has never worked,
How many demons he has never strangled.

Give me the knight with beaten armor,
Knocked off his high horse,
But still standing.
Give me the boy with calloused hands,
Hands that show how many times he tried.
Give me the boy with a perfect smile,
Knowledge in his eyes,
Knowing ******* the dragon,
Knowing how to outwit the demons.

Give me the knight who slayed the dragon.
Sthenia: unusual or abnormal strength.
Holding my hand with all the tenderness in the world,
Knowing that you love God more than anything,
Treating everyone with a greater measure of
Love and kindness than they have earned.
You put a smile on my face every time I hear your voice,
And make my heart flutter when you hold my hand.
I can feel your love for me, your desires, your heart,
I know you will treat me like a queen.
I'm glad you smiled when I screamed and said "Yes!
I want to be yours forever."
The future is bright and I find peace when I am in your arms.
I'm excited for our life together, Honesteyes. Less than three months :)
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