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Mar 2015
i act like i'm something special
when we all know nothing is
and the people sit there and they judge me
for the all stupid **** that i did

but I've woken up sweating in jail cells
sick from all the DTs and shakes
and i watched the woman i loved
leave a week before our wedding date

and i can remember the first time a pig
put his gun against my ******* head
said "make a move you ******* ******
and i swear to god that i'll shoot you dead"

i've seen more friends than i care to remember
passed out with needles in their veins
i've wept beside to many grave sides
to ever wanna go that way

i've shredded my throat since i was twelve
smoking a minimum two packs a day
and even at my very worst
i still can't bring myself to pray

i've lost far too much in this world
for someone whose not yet twenty five
all i can say at the end of the day is
"though i may fail at least i try"

so i sit back and let people judge me
cause they don't know the **** i've been through
and i'll keep saying i'm something special
even though we all know its not true
Matt Fatt
Written by
Matt Fatt  seattle
   maybe marc and Arlo Disarray
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