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Frasier Mar 2019
Tears shed from the soul.  Her body pleading for acceptance.  The beauty she possesses yearns to be touched ever so delicately, with longing and passion. Her mind refusing to acknowledge even a miniscule sliver of life, which may contain anything, resembling something other than the love she deserves.  
A stranger observes from afar.  His passion for life diminished by the minds inability to allow its soul the pleasure of being touched by something truly beautiful.  As he watches her beauty and elegance dance with childlike innocence through the night air, his soul begins to shed tears. He approaches her and his heart cannot deny the beauty which is she. Her ambrosial smile and delicate laughter pull the two together and they delicately embrace, hands trembling.  
He touches her nervously but precisely on the face as their eyes meet. Within the stare, they find comfort, acceptance, and passion.  He delicately places a soft, gentle kiss on her face.  She feels tears trickle to her cheek from his…Tears shed from the soul.  -Dennis Frasier
Dark n Beautiful Jun 2017
A little nod to
Edgar Guest

When you’re up against a bully
Meet them face to face
Lift your chin and set your shoulders,
Plant your feet and give them a taste

Never panic or hesitated: aim toward the lower waist
If you fall to the ground, don’t be discourage
It’s just a stumble, its just the adrenaline rush
but never let it weaken you

See it through!
Forget all those stars that circle around you

The Bigger the Ego, the Stronger the Anger
Kick his *** until he/she does the tango
If the worst is going to happened
Let it be Lose or win:
See it through! My friend
it’s birthing time again

Lift your chin and set your shoulder
Get up and plant your feet and make a fist
Kick that bully ***, Feel your inner strength.

Think of Joe Frasier, Ali and Foreman impeccable timing and their knock outs drops:
only a wise poet like me can only wish you the best of luck
train- May 2015
the way your hands intertwine with mine

to sing, to dance, to watch "frasier" weekly...

it's heaven and hell in our washing machine

though none could else but mumble and grimace meekly

of one thousand listless summers, lilting

for no other beverage is quite as divine

dancing and singing...
Frecky Rosa Mar 2015
What happened to Marty's sofa?
Did Eddie find love too?
Was Roz the best boss ever?
Niles, Daphne, David and...?

Cafe Nervosa turned into a cat cafe?
What happened to the tossed salad and scrambled eggs?

Oh... Oh...Oh

Oh Frasier,
Why did you leave the building?
I miss the show a bit too much

— The End —