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Poetic T Feb 2018
Even though we start anew
           to relinquish what made us more,
will leave us less..

To abandon one part of us
     removing  that which for awhile
                                made us stronger.

Will only leave us empty further on.
                Our strength is only made a shadow
by what shined a light on the parts that held us up.
owlonly Oct 2017
Dancing in the rain
Forget all the pain
Till dawn
To forget all we done before
Poetic Eagle May 2017

Sometimes it's just good to let go
Some wounds don't heal they just stop bleeding
Kristin Kepner Aug 2015
My greatest fear is forgeting my dreams.
Never lose sight.
Emily Oquendo Nov 2014
I need a moment if you don't mind, you've pushed me far and past the line leave me alone , just go away there is nothing left for us to say
I don't want you back I'll still be here, doing as I was but with hidden tears there was something that you missed my one regret
the hurt from every time that I'll soon forget.

— The End —