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could you turn left?
could you turn right?

do you know?
the grow
fear was planted

at every side
what i do?

pray to the finder
who gets the creature

do not be proud
kneeled so down

asking for help
one thing

look inside
look and talk

save us my God
everything was under saving. but now all feared even from  their hands. so you must be clever
I don't intend to get it right all of the  time.
If I do please praise me.
Don't compare me
Am only human
I  am allowed to fail.
But when I do I can pat myself on the back.
Because I am a stronger person.
Grown in character.
and in Love.
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
They say
Don't be a seeker
Be a finder
What is there to find?
I am complete
In Thee

— The End —