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Udit Vashishth May 2018
HEY THERE DELILAH will you be my wife?
You're the one who completes the STORY OF MY LIFE.

You look so beautiful that I CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU.
You're sweeter than the SUGAR and this fact is really true.

For rest of our lives, I'll always SHINE YOUR WAY.
I'm the MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED so I will make you stay.

Stay in our relationship because with you I feel 10 FEET TALL.
And without you, my life is a BLANK SPACE and in that I feel so small.

All I ever wanted is to be SOMEBODY TO YOU.
I've never loved anyone else this much but ONLY YOU.

For me, all your LITTLE THINGS are like a bliss.
And if you give me enough time I can love you MORE THAN THIS.

I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU whenever you'll need me.
And I'll be happy as, like others, I can say SOMEBODY'S ME.

And IF YOU WANNA GO HOME, I'll surely set you free.
I can spend my life alone so just DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME.

Living alone IN THE END, is one of my greatest fears.
But that can't stop me from loving you for A THOUSAND YEARS.
I don't know why I do that...
Well when someone asks me which are your favourite songs then I guess I'll show them this rhyme and they'll know...
So, it might feel ******* to some and might make no sense but it's ok..I think it is meant to be this way..
And if anybody,by chance, like it, I'll come up with a second part too..
Candice Mar 2016
your sweet lies are my favourite,
they are like sugar on my bitter cake.

your sweet fake actions are my favourite, too,
they make me love you harder even if they're not true.

your sweet imaginary love is also my favourite,
you make me believe that they can be true and real.

but your defection is not one of my sweet favourites,
for it made me realize that I'm not really permanent in your life.

I'm just your sweet favourite temporary source of happiness.
Cíara McNamara Jul 2015
I was six
when I was first betwixt
by a world of words
and heartfelt tellings.

Poetry became
my enchanted castle,
the fairy tale
that just quite wasn't.

The first poem I read
was about the Banana man,
and how he would live
and die as such.

And as my body grew
so I fell deeper
in love with these
sometimes forgotten wordsmiths.

Each day I fall a little more,
as I read your words,
your little crafts
of feelings.

— The End —