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Rebecca H Aug 2017
I'm clever as the devil
and twice as pretty,
I'm on the same level
so save me your pity.

With words used as bullets
in attempt to pierce my heart,
I'm a woman who's overworked and crooked
all the while you got a head start.

All I wish for is equality
but you feel offended,
but tell me honestly:

if we're so equal, then why hasn't sexism ended?
- proud to be me -
A thoroughness here was her house
as she'd listen inside a glibly lit room
her whispers would doom in doubt
so forcibly heathen her lover's twitch
bright as her soul made ex spruce glow
but her midland east of Old Blue
soon her lakelet suburb dawned flatlander accent
mere document in fervid upswing
on porch of antiquity round inlaid flag.
K Balachandran Sep 2014
On the top of the white marble steps,  her pedestal
 she stands tall, head held high up in the clouds
that one moment I forgive all her sins
 for the self abandonment that deceives all of us.
It makes her an original,
though feeble minded, vainglorious, unabashed
self-deceptive about her past,
distorting light within to create darkness
each and every fact twisted
the way she wants others to believe,
see her gait, all are compelled
to view her grandeur as one of a kind.
She sings and her emotions flow like a river,
one can hardly find any flaw in her technique.
Eclipsed by her penumbra,I have no escape,
love her the way one loves a burned out life.

— The End —