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A H J Nov 2017
I think I found my solace.
Under the never-looping azure above,
I declare that I found my

When the noises continue to vibrate,
the [pandemonium], the crowd
seems nothing if I hide under my comfort
                                                   s o l a c e t h .
This heavenly, a thing that stops everything from
         is no ordinary stim
                                           ( s o l a c e t h )

  I am happy
                     (euphoria sensation, tingling inside my under parts.)
  I breathe inside my solaceth paradise.
  The solaceth, I put them in my veins, so of course

I swallow my solaceth, I put them inside my veins, so of course
sticking on my skull, lingering under the PLASTIC, ONLY CLAY skin of mine.
It will never be faeces, because the solaceth is my blood
now, even my saliva and ***** now taste like solaceth
                               do you want to taste them?
it will never be urines, because I drink my SOLACETH back.
solaceth, [ d i s e a s e ? w h a t ? ] is me. I am solaceth,
solaceth inside me now.
Yes, maybe as you say, it's a virus.
A virus for us to finally reach our utopian land!
  Forever sniffing, forever living, our SOLACETH!
unhealthy addiction.
Allyson Walsh May 2015
Choose your words carefully, now
Stick a coffee filter
Between your mind and mouth
Please try to control what comes out

Hold your tongue
Staple that muscle
To the pinks of your gums
Please just do it for my mom

End the R-word
Print it in a million books
And watch the pages burn
Put a stop to the harmful looks

Terminate "*******"
It isn't a synonym for "absurd"
It's not just a filler-word
My cousin is not to be discarded

If I could eliminate
The word I hate
I would cut the letters up
And hide them away from the ones that I love

Dispose of this nasty term
Cut this expression down
Watch this word infest with worms
And let the death be the talk of the town
For TG-O & AG
kendall Apr 2015
please don't say i'm "trouble"
to my father
my mother

because i am an attractive young lady
and boys will come calling.

that is not a compliment.

"she's trouble."

that makes me feel like it's my fault
that boys will regard me in disgusting ways,
will want to slip a hand up my skirt,

make me feel
it's my fault that he doesn't love me anymore
because i wouldn't let him shove his **** in me
like he desperately begged me to.
we've been together for seventeen months
i love you,         please **** my ****

no i will not feel guilty

i will not let him take what's mine.
and he leaves to find someone who will bend
to every i love you
and please
over a table so he can bury himself inside her.

compliment me.
call me :

stop saying i'm trouble
because my face is nice

it's not my fault that boys believe
that girls are born to cater to their every
throbbing *******
in sunday church

get down on your knees and pray
face buried in the pelvis of God.

— The End —