What we think we know
Will only go to show - we don’t
We shrink every time we think we’ve grown
We’re simple and slow
Submit to an illusion and in the confusion feel taller
True growth is an intrusion and only makes you feel smaller
Can’t expand nor extend
To infinity’s end
But we stand and pretend
To understand and comprehend
But all that’s discovered
Reveals even more uncovered
The abundance proposed
Makes us redundant, exposed
We like things enclosed
So our minds stay closed
We’re merely superimposed
Into small worlds we’ve composed
We want to believe we’ve understood
Never conceiving all we should
Can’t see the trees - for the wood
We imagine we’re building something good
Loose our childhood
Pursuing a livelihood
Our blood is only coded with part of us
Our life force is loaded with more than this.
Line after line is written in rhyme
Lyrical magicians have tried to define
In rhythmic patterns sublime
We try, we try
An immense power moves through our essence
Ever reduced and cleverly condensed
I feel incensed by the pretence
We abuse without recompense
Virtue is compressed
True beauty suppressed
We feel less, and less!
So self absorbed. We want to be adored
We cut the cord and can’t be cured
We fail to ever really be whole
We impale, even sever our dreary souls
Needlessly faking what’s ours for free
Forsaking true power
We cower and flee
We think our humanity weak
We don’t even want what’s real
Can’t afford to feel
Don’t see the price of ‘care-free’
We simply can’t bare
To truly care
So we stare into space
And don’t know how to face
The sheer vastness that we effortlessly fail to embrace
I’m a semi schooled fool
Who got given a few tools
Got sold some ideals
And taught what to feel
I unraveled a few reels
To find something more real
I hear - ‘tread carefully’
And we learn to step warily
Each step is new
And we only get a few
We seek unfounded stability
Till we’re grounded to futility
Everything that’s still
Is just something to fill
With endless **** that we’re told
Will make us feel whole
But life’s teaching me
While society’s cheating me
I’ve learnt to behave
So that I live as a *****
This vast universe
Moves like rhythm and verse
Like music it flows
Beautifully composed
We can learn to be mobile
But the balance is fragile
Gain stability and loose mobility
Gain mobility at the cost of stability
Start making new rules
Compose your own life’s tune
Give yourself a stable beat
One that forces you to move your feet
Some jumbled thoughts on the blinding binds that sit on the frontline of my mind and that I find consuming most of my time
Some anniversaries
Don’t stir good memories
It’s just another day
No different in any way
Than all the others that have past
Since that day that was your last
It’s just a date
Why does it hold such weight?
Time spins it’s wheel
How can I know what to feel
When a portal is opened
To all that hateful emotion
As if I’ve gone back in time -
ticks on in a straight line
But my head moves through space
Taking me back to that place
Reliving dark memories
On this anniversary

But I won’t hover here
Won’t linger too near
To fury’s fierce grasp
I’ll pause to raise a glass
I’ll lift it high
Try not to drown in the ‘why’
Find space to remember you
Leaving darkness less room
Life after limb loss

‘I want to walk again’ they say
‘I haven’t walked in 40 days’
And this is the goal I’ll help them achieve
But it’s not as easy as they might believe
They’re in grieving
Numb - denial - and bargaining
‘It’ll all be okay
on the day
I walk again’
They’ve lost so much
Now first I teach them to touch
To clutch
To poke and ****
I know it feels odd
Got to desensitise
It’s sensitive but try
Press into the scar line
Scar tissue can’t be allowed to entwine
Keep it subtle
It’s brutal
‘What’ll happen if I don’t?’
‘I can’t cope’
‘It doesn’t feel very nice’
Inside i’m thinking
Please heed my advice
In time
They’ll need to cope with pressure like a vice
I hope
we make it that far
‘Bla bla bla’
‘How can I drive my car
with only one leg’
‘I just want to walk and drive’ they beg.
We start at the start
Long way to go before we get that far.
I have such admiration
For the shear determination
they show
Can’t imagine even loosing a toe
Whether to trauma, cancer or disease
Limb loss below or above the knee
Come to me
It’s my profession
But my confession
Is I really care
I really will be there for them
Any way I know how
We’ll plough through the technicalities
Gait training
Draining their energy
Learning to use a prosthesis
But there’s more to this
I want to teach you more
Than how to get up off the floor
There’s life after limb loss
Only they know the cost
I’ll be there for you
I swear to you
I’ll truly care for you.
Contest entry.. prompt: describe you technical responsibilities and challenges you face at work.
Tied to you by gravitational force
Bound together soaring through outer space
Your core the axel of my spinning course
Your darkness brightened by my sunlit face
Ever close by as we journey through time
Yet out of my reach so I feel alone
Your surface a vision ever sublime
The life you hold makes my barren land groan
Ever close, ever distant, never stilled
My path keeps only half of me on view
The face you see lit leaves another chilled
Dark mysterious face hidden from you
This part of me you shall not ever see
And so you shall never have all of me

I long to know your hidden mystery
My deep blue oceans ever yearn for you
Entwined we wrote all of our history
And all the while this deep desire grew
In perfect harmony we ever glide
I will forever pull you in my love
You stay away from me, we can’t collide
Or else destroy all you see from above
From there you see life, abundance and grace
Closeness would reveal darker things unknown
Distance protects me from shameful disgrace
On my lands fear and foul hatred are grown
To you I shall always appear unmarred
You’ll only ever know my fake facade
Written in a bit of a hurry for a poetry contest. Prompt: dark side of the moon.
Crouching low
Searching skies
For liberation
A bird flies by
Speaks freedom to his soul
Awakened, revived
He emerged from dark hole

Sweet melody
Lost all inhibition
To rhythms sweet sound
Heated submission
To quaking ground

Fused with tune
All consuming
Embodying song
Willingly subduing
Beautifully enchanting
Like a puppet on tempo strings
Physically romancing
With every word she sings

Intensely absorbed
Deeply connecting
Harmonious movements
Waves of sound take control
With redeeming release
Music takes hold
Bringing sweet inner peace

He escapes the rush
To pounding tones
That send him in
To a beautiful trance
Never faltering
In movement and dance

Angles and shapes
His body contorts
Melody inspiring
His physical form
Symbiotic with sound
Seamless motion performed
As if floating above ground

See his spirit fly
Lifted high
Without refrain
Floats above towering cityscape
No longer in it’s bind
In music finding his escape
Leaving it’s troubles behind
Competition entry inspired by a YouTube video: https://youtu.be/LwFJWJDOKcw
Do angels tread on this earthly ground?
Not bound by laws
of gravity
Nor flawed
by earthly depravity
Can they slip in and out of view
Is it true?
Do they give permission
To our limited vision
And interact with a fortunate few
I hope they do

Some would see coincidence
But ‘happen chance’ could be providence
What would you believe
We might never know
They might come and go
Wings of glory
aren’t always on show
Do they sing like in the stories
Do they sometimes glow?
I hope so

Who knows
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