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You are the land which soaks
The crumbs I've longed to eat.
My mouth can only open so wide,
Though nothing truly keeps us apart.
To know you means to die
And I've known you for years.
Where the water stops
We'll always be.
I've tasted your moistened crumbs
& here is where we'll always be.
Whose to say that you cannot
Swim where I've learned to walk
Whose to say that I cannot
Walk where you've learned to swim
Soon I'll be part of the crumbs
I've watched you eat
Soon, where the water stops
We'll always be
madeline Sep 2019
a scrap of our poetry is hanging
on the line that we've drawn
scraps of our poetry, playing in
the space between

scraps of our poetry
little by little dissolve to void
scraps of our poetry
hurt and heal my heart.

scraps of us, I throw and keep
to and fro
till its wholeness is here
you, with me.
to my first follower, hi mau!

— The End —