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Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
मान्छेहरु जब ढुङ्गा बन्छन्
उनीहरु ढुङ्गाकै संगत गर्छन्

पहाडहरुतिर हेर्छन
मानौ तिनै तिनका ऐना हुन्
जसले उनीहरुका
प्रश्न, प्रश्नकै रुपमा फर्काउँछ
उत्तर, उत्तरैको रुपमा फर्काउँछ
न तिनका पयर
न चक्षु
न तिनका आवाज
न पंख
न तिनका मुस्कान
न आँसु्

न कल्पनामा डुब्छन्
न ऋतुहरुभै रंग बदल्छन्
सायद ढुङ्गा बन्न सजिलो छ

हामी अगरबत्ती बालेरैपनि
कृतीम सुगन्ध उत्पति गछौ
जब हामी मान्छेलाइ खुसी पार्न सक्दैनौे
जब हामी मान्छेहरुलाइ सेवा गर्दा गर्दा थाक्छौ
अन्तिममा  हामी ढुङ्गा बन्छौ

ढुङ्गैको संगत गर्छौ
ढुङ्गैकै पुजा गर्छौ
शैली :अमूर्त
विषय :पत्थर
Author's Note:
If nothing to say, be silent
If no one hears, be silent
If silence speaks, be silent

If nothing matters, be silent
If silence calms, be silent
If silence heals, be silent

If silence wins, be silent
If silence is the start, be silent
If silence is the end, be silent

If silence is the answer, be silent
If silence is the only choice, be silent
If silence is the way of life, BE SILENT
maggie W Jan 2017
I wanna  be your cold stone girl,
The one you not only flirt but order a banana flavor for.

The thought of  you going to other cold stone
without me there frowning upon your choice
could **** me even in the city I love the most.

While we're both chasing our own dreams
I'll always remember you said
"Who knows what will happen,it's a small world"

I wanna be your cold stone girl,
The one that always greets you with a smile.
If you cannot find any cold stone you like
in  Nanjing, don't worry
I'm always up for ice cream in the cold

In February, you are off to my city
I secretly wish you won't for fall any cold stone girls
that giggle at your corny  jokes

I wanna be your cold stone girl,
and keep you company
While we both sail around the world.

10 months sounds like a long period of time,but
it's a small world after all.
When we fulfill that unknown dreams of our own
Meet me again in the cold stone,
for I will always be, your cold stone girl.
I wrote this in mind with the melody of "The girl" by City and Colour. Intended to be lyrics. To Michael.

— The End —