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Ylzm Apr 28
Desirous, since Eden,
are we of knowledge.
We search the stars
and the holy books,
Desperately seeking
in the seen and written.

But its a strange tongue written familiarly,
In symbols of nature and human words,
Of beauty that stirs, reveals and conceals,
Escapes all, but the angelic-tongued gifted.

The spirit of man is not to be denied,
No price is too great for access to magic,
Crafting words and tales in the symbols,
Soothing and tickling, feeding ready ears.

From daily horoscopes
to spellbinding bible-based
eschatological narratives,
Into which sin whispered,
its lies subtly woven:
Lies subverting lies,
Serving the ends of God.
IsReaL E Summers Nov 2014
Invoices received.
Aristocratic atrocities of hypocrisy
Thier voices mock & decieve
Place thier stock in your creed
Cash your check and then leave
No wonder you don't believe!
Through this;
What has been achieved?
Wheres your heart?
On your sleeve?!
If life is pain,
whats it mean to relieve?!
"HERE! just take (2) aleve,
And when it's over you'll see
What I need you to be."
   -thee enemy
You might notice the same line "aristocratic atrocities of hypocrisy" from "sell block see" its because I stole it from this in order to better articulate the music of poetry... in doing so, the meaning was opaque and cloudy, but the music and flow were nice. (Needs work)

— The End —