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Lily Apr 21
My prayer this Easter
Is for you to experience
The true and everlasting joy
That being a child of God brings you.
I want you to fully understand
His love and compassion for you,
And I want you to believe
That He died and
Rose from the grave
To give you eternal life in heaven with Him.
Happy Easter everyone! <3
Tay Jul 2017
Your always there
Crying your there
Reaching out for me
I am your child
You protect me when I'm scared
You send angels to watch over me
You saved me from being run over by a car
You are the reason I'm living
The reason I cry in joy
In bitterness you forgive me
In regret you comfort me
You forgive me
You won't give up on me
If everyone else does
You never will
You are mine
I am yours
I glorify you
You protect and teach me
I glow by faith
By faith I am living
You love me
When Boys give up on me
You are still there you won't leave me
I am yours
Every sunrise your always there for me
After hardships I wake up and your there for me
You always were there your waiting
One day I'll be with you
In Heaven
You will never leave me
Eternity your compassion spills over for me
You protect me
Because I am a child of God
Religon is something but faith is everything to me. God never gives up on me he never will.

— The End —