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Abdullah Ayyash May 2019
Days, places, and history I'll never forget
Times, paces, and the closest I can ever get
No matter how many faces I see everyday
Yours is the one I want to bury in my chest
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
May 22nd, 2019
PhoenixTetra Dec 2018
Take a shovel,
Burry your pain,
So deep,
It can never reach,
The top.

Cut its roots,
And don't dare to water it,
Or it will grow again,
And another garden of pain,
Will take place in your heart.

Forget where you buried it,
And don't ever visit its grave.
Clindballe Oct 2014
In a graveyard of memories I find myself digging.
Searching for something.
For us.
Seeing your skeleton holding mine hurts.
A teardrop lands on our skeletons and they collapse.
That is why I burried us.
I got tired of cleaning up the mess.
*let us stay 6 feet under the ground
Written: October 1. - 2014
A-S Mar 2014
Bury me underwater;
where corals can grow like plants,
piercing through my veins,
sticking out of my rotting flesh.

Burry me underwater;
where my torso would be,
my own personalized treasure chest;
with my broken heart,
as the most valuable finding.

Burry me underwater;
where fish would feed off,
of my undiscovered bruises,
and my unhealed wounds,

Burry me underwater,
so I can feel again.*

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— The End —