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Maggie Jun 2017
He gave me songs
I wrote him poems
We speak in a language we call our own

Gibberish, they say
They do not understand
How we know each other' minds
That we read each other's souls

Our language goes beyond
What the universe already knows
They will never get the voice
That's stuck inside our core
Our story will be told by the poems that I have wrote
Jenn Riley Aug 2014
Maybe I'm so hung up on you because boys like you in movies are supposed to call a girl like me back and as far as love stories go, this is the part where you tell me you miss our conversations and the way my hand feels against yours and you wish you had stuck with me because yo said the wrong thing so many times  and I just laughed along and loved you anyways

And maybe I'm so hung up on the way your voice sounded when you were happy because as far as love stories go, your voice sounded that way because of me

But maybe I've seen too many movies and that's why I let you kiss me

— The End —