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  Sep 2014 Jenn Riley
desire has no mercy
like a red morning light
tickling your feet
it has me transparent
it has me transformed
into roar, thunder, wave
or quicksand in your hands
till the air in between
is fully charged,
and insane
Jenn Riley Sep 2014
I liked your eyes first and your smile second
then I liked your smile and your eyes
but then I learned all about you
and I realized:
You are everything I want and nothing I need
and that's when I knew what love was
Jenn Riley Aug 2014
Maybe I'm so hung up on you because boys like you in movies are supposed to call a girl like me back and as far as love stories go, this is the part where you tell me you miss our conversations and the way my hand feels against yours and you wish you had stuck with me because yo said the wrong thing so many times  and I just laughed along and loved you anyways

And maybe I'm so hung up on the way your voice sounded when you were happy because as far as love stories go, your voice sounded that way because of me

But maybe I've seen too many movies and that's why I let you kiss me
  Aug 2014 Jenn Riley
If it feels wrong, don't do it
2. Say exactly what you mean
3. Don't be a people pleaser
4. Trust your instincts
5. Never speak bad about yourself
6. Never give up on your dreams
7. Don't be afraid to say no
8. Don't be afraid to say yes
9. Be kind to yourself
10. Let go of what you can't control
11. Stay away from drama & negativity
12. LOVE

  Aug 2014 Jenn Riley
Jasmine smiles
You changed the colors of your hair
We don't care
You got an A on your test
We don't care

You got a new car
We don't care
You recieved a promotion
We don't care

You ate at that new resturaunt
We don't care
You bought new dress to flaunt
We don't care

Children are starving
Madmen are are carving
Up women they grabbed of the streets
Say goodbye to our heartbeats

Soldiers are dying
Innocent people are crying
we can try to fight starvation
But we are headed to damnation

but you don't care
It has nothing to do with you
just keep breathing your clean air
You have more important things to do
Jenn Riley Aug 2014
Tied down
by *** appeal and conformity,
by following directions of sloppy men with sinful ambitions,

How could you expect happiness from her too?

What a lie she lived, smiling only when commanded.

I'll tell you what's strange, my friend:
what was once the lifestyle of a movie star in 1956,
has become true of the average teenager in 2014
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