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Toxic yeti Dec 2018
You promised
A life in Bhutan
As lovers
I took your promise
As gospel

You promised
Me that
We would practice
I took your promise
As gospel

Your promise
That we would see the monasteries
As we traveled through
Your country
I took your promise
As gospel

Then I found out that you
Only like teenagers
And underaged girls
Well you can
**** your promises.
s s f w s May 2018
Erased from ancestral DNAs
Now they had forgotten violence
Above lines reffers to the tigers of nest in bhutan. Erasing Innate Traits are legitimately seen there.  Are they true creatures now or did they shedded down their truest trait . May be someday in ancestry they got the soul tormented to behave carnivore perhaps they never possessed those sharp canines in their fossils. For them atleast Hein hunger was the reason , so now tilt the mirror on us.....

— The End —