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Jul 2016
You play innocent
You're the one who started this
You think it's acceptable to play with fury
By calling him a *****?

I'm sorry Bex
It seems you've been misled
I was a normal caring citizen
Of this fabulous site where I can mend

A helping hand is a healing hand
Or so I first believed
But Woody is bad and gives me reason to write
So I guess looks can deceive

I pity those by his side
He seems respectable, right?
Yet when he calls you a ***** for no reason
Well if not for that, i coulda liked the guy

Nice try Woody. I'm not as stupid as you believe. All I have to do is signout, search my name and then check my activity. Unblock me and take your punishment like a man. You're the real coward here. I'm still in school man, does it feel good to kick a kid in the ribs?
Written by
Viseract  22/M/Adelaide
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