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16 March 2019

No end to pain, in sorrow’s eyes,
No end to tears, in downcast sighs.
No end to hate, when love has lost.
No place for reason, when life’s no cost.
No room in hearts, where God’s unknown.
No time is left, for madness slain.
No place to hide, our shared shame.

B. Whittaker

16 March 2019

Gentle Mesmer caressed her shoulders.
Morpheus shared her dreams.
While Eros smiled, Apollo played logic’s harp.
Tender kisses waisted, passioned perfume.
A quiet so deep, galaxies swam,
In it’s warmth.
Who could be loved more?

B. Whittaker

3 MARCH 2019

Unspent in my pocket, the coins of life rattle, on edge.
Nickels, and dimes, that drive me to the store of possibiltiies.
I “bub” for this and that, joy in the window, and the envy,
Of owning the unownable.
In a moment it will be gone, yet still, there will be change on the bedroom shelf.
Such an itch, unscratchable.

B. Whittaker


Shivers, Lordy, your hand.
Love, your ******* and thighs.
Your sighs burn my shoulders as I crush you,
In a thousand ways.
Short breaths, the truth of you.
Scent of lilac.

You already know.
Where was I sleeping?
Wait, wait, wait, I am coming! I love you.

Memory (Haiku)

Lost my memory.
i Wonder where I left it.
My soul not my own.

B. Whittaker
Thanks Mark.
26 January 2019

Shaking in my arms, we lie on a cushion of doubt.
Less than fear, more than trust, few ever get here.
This empty space, filled with us.

B. Whittaker
Pointless (Ode to an Oak Leaf)

20 January 2019

Words cannot tell I am.
Truth lives in the silence of the trees,

Holding each other, they tumble
With the joy of wind in the leaves,
Awaiting the rain. '

Trembling under blankets of the dead,
Life calls, singing.

My love twIsts and turns to yours,
Until we return to the unspoken.

There is nothing to say.

B. Whittaker.
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