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BTW May 20
Ceiling mirror falls,  
Humerus breaks, laughter spreads—  
Unexpected crash.
BTW May 14
BTW Sep 2023
I Wish
I wish
Sept 7, 2023.

I wish I could give you all you will need.
I wish I could give you more years, less tears.
I wish I could keep you ever free of pain and sorrow.
I wish I could promise you tomorrow.
I wish I could keep you safe and free.
I wish I could give you a world to see.

I can only give you all of me. .
BTW May 13
13 May 2024

Could one journey be too far,
In a life filled with travel.
One exotic meal too rich,
A road of rock and gravel.

Love held, thru sparse, sacrifice,
Angels loved, all one’s life.
Fortune worn on sweatered vest,
Labor shorn with the best

Leave my shoes on my feet,
Though my day seems complete.
I have lived straight and true,
Paid my debts when they’re due.

Perhaps one day we meet again,
Winter storm or summer rain.
No others share my blame,
Chose to ride the devil’s train.
BTW Mar 26
26 March 2024

You heard deep travelled dark,
Right whale time of together.
Joy infinite momentary await.

Pleasure strips away truth.
Destiny bare, alone I ‘m empty.
BTW Feb 11
12 February 2024

When you can’t get 1 foot in front of the other,
No one really feels like your brother,
no point hiding under the covers,
Life is never that kind of bother.

Wake up my friend and live it well,
We did all in every spell,
Long way down to the bottom of the wall,
Still time, give it hell.
BTW Feb 5

How many failures does it take  to turn a GOD into a DEVIL ?


How many successes to turn a DEVIL into a GOD?

my thoughts On war
BTW Jan 17

15 January 2024

How can I taste the sweetness of life.
I come to you
how can I taste the sweet tips of you,
When I come to you with a thimble, when you’re well is infinite, and
mine is dry
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