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BTW 2d
2 September 2021

Vivacity hit,
Right in my gut today.
Too late, couldn't wait.
BTW 3d
19  September 2021

Trees are turning to red, orange, yellow, light green,
A rainbow of colors celebrating the full lives of time.
A bluebird stilling, edges along the cedar of the deck,
While a V of geese break through the sounds of morning.
Cooler weather now starts the day with the taste of dew,
Dripping on the edges of hedges and slimming leaves.
I hear your quiet voice humming a reminder of our celebrations.
Our love coming tomorrow, the sweetest time of morning.
BTW 3d
25 July 2021

Age, the weights of time waiting,
Heavier than air pressing reality to the gates,
Time brings the unnatural, disease of diseases.
When there are few easing of eases.
BTW 5d
17 September 2021


His numbers sadly spun
“I wanted 2”, he said.
“I wanted only one”.
He spun till he was dead.
BTW 5d
Today’s Life
16 September 2021

Today filled pictures, coloured ads,
Table talks take place, on pads.
Family now lives in ether.
Two thumb account of love and weather.

Values change from what you do,
Contribution to needs of others.
Rather follow purchase covered.
Moment to moment for yet another.

Private talks wired everywhere,
No quiet chat by grandpa’s chair.
Patriarchs have lost their joss,
Good old days torn and tossed.

Basics now the fastest car,
Golfing course and making par.
Fishing rods high on hooks.
Computer shelves all the books.

Like the highway bypassing town,
Personal touch on vacant ground.
An old man stands on heaven’s door.
Who can know what will his score.
BTW 6d
13 September 2021

Tiw’s day solo anon
The time seconds to dawn.
Heart thirsts love song.

Quietly stir the bed of stars.
Skies open on many wars.
Child broken by youth,
Little soothes me.

Calm is sparse, unreachable.
Harsh too feasible.
Time to reach the well,
Cast coin for voten’s spell.
BTW Sep 14
14 September 2021

When things don't make any sense anymore,
Don't sweat the noise.
Not one is listening.
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