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BTW 4d
Sweet Dreams
4 December 2022

Wonder my sweet dreams,
Filled each eve with you.
Can you hear my tender words?
Spoken kind and true.
Each night flavored wine,
As we head abed,
Holding sweetest mine,
We are gently wed.
Smiling drifting sleep,
Life prayers said.

Every night gathered,
We are not alone.
Waiting calls to come,
An empty phone.

Just around corner times,
Our love singing whole.
Tomorrow sunshine, cold or snow,
Future cannot know.
Dreams of you come with me,
Everywhere I go.
Fate told cruelty hold,
Unable body bolds.

I bring you dream red roses,
Love courage tight enfold.
Will that Gods will bless me,
When time fades to gray.
I dream those times asea,
Every blessed day.

When I rise in morning,
Last yawns loose the dawn,
You’ll be there to hold me,
Listen to my song.
I’ll dream of you forever,
Our love never gone.
BTW Nov 23
Always The .First Time N.

13 November 2022

With the glow Of first time,
Unbridled love, fireworks.
Nerve on ration.
Excitement in bloom. We are one.
We are bound in those magic moments.

First times.
Let our sea,
Ever be,
The first time.

Standing in the hall,
Waiting at your door.
Asking you.
Love burns.

First time.
Alive and free.
Breathless wind,  
Gasps freeze.
Burden left, steer right.

Make our every time,
Once more, our first time.
Love  Not fade or grey.
Fresh, new, every day.

Take my ready hand.
This time again, turn over the glass.
Stir again the sand in perpetual swirl.
Our first time with my girl.
It’s that time. First time.
BTW Oct 22
Take Care (of each other)
Oct 22, 2022

These are the times,
My hope, my wish.
Take care of each other,
Never finished.

These are the times,
When life will unfold.
Take care of others,
Be brave and bold.

There’ll be others
Living alone, waiting for loving.
Cold in their homes,
Living for hugging,
Something they own.

You have the hunger,
Be kind and good.
You are the one,
Who understood.

Many mountains,
Not easy to climb.
Give me your arm,
We’ll be there on time.
BTW Oct 6
Love is the art of saying the unsaid,
Touch, smile, an embrace,
Celebrations of quiet.

When I am near you, I feel warm,
At night as you stand by our bed,
Comforted, confident, certain.

Mornings are best, we are rested.
A beautiful new day welcomes us,
Together, holding hands by the window.

Sometimes it is the unexpected,
A past due chore discovered completed.
A piano cleaned, and being played.

Sharing past pains, broken stories, no lies.
Facing every truth of love, loving.
Accepting my failings, my time, my age.

Now it seems contained in all you do,
The nectars of happiness, passion, joy,
I see you. I quietly love you.
BTW Oct 2
The Neighbour
1 October 2022

Feisty was the neighbour,
Not as old as I.
Didn’t shirk the labour,
I could only eye.

Challenged every habit
Custom we had held.
Bushes for the rabbits,
Slashed and fully felled.

Dressed up the garden,
Flowers pleased the eye.
Became the local warden,
Edging lines awry.

Household soon renewed,
No limit to the purse.
Perfection was pursued.
Made mine feel crude.

Felt my comfort leaving,
To smile would host a lie.
Left alone and grieving,
Time for apple pie.

Garbage now the focus
Where to put the pail,
Glad we have no locus,
Outside be in jail.
BTW Sep 26
September 25 2022

What - A peaceful joyous mind.

Why - Stress of every day.

When- As soon as possible

Who- Every person

How- Get a dog.
BTW Sep 19
Fill Me
19 September 2022

Bring me wine.
Bring me time.
Bring me love.
Bring me youth.
Fill me before I journey to stars.
Empty me as I die.
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