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Perhaps the Mornings
11 October 2019

Perhaps the mornings are the most precious.
The innocence of sleep, broken by a breaking light,
Puts away the dreams of yesterday, and anticipates
The joy that you bring to my every special day.
The uncertainty of the future affirms,
How precious you are in my life.
You share yourself in the memories of those,
Who found you to be as wonderful as you are.
And so I celebrate you and love you.
Such a gift! Thank you.


6 October 2

Today I start to wonder,
How this love will end.
Last love of my life,
Has now, twist and bends.
Time, wears on the corners,
Of the cards we sent,
Vowing love forever,
Then, truly meant.
Passion tired the nights,
Hid away the stars.
Kept the cold frost melting,
On the window bars.
Ordinary, more the days,
Little left of games we played.
Tomorrow, comes too soon.
Meeting on the street at dawn,
Love awaits, it’s doom.
U Do U
2 October 2019

I shook hands with devils,
More  than one or two.
Said friends, on the level,
I’ve never needed you.
It’s always been easy,
To myself, be true.

Once or twice, you know,
You wanted me, to please.
Urges that I’ve had.
In Times troubled, pained, sad.

Is it luck or fortune?
I’m happy, with, all I’ve had.
Now, as so many others,
I can let you rest.
Glad when "I am bad".

Why waste your time on heaven,
When we pose, this often line,
Catching souls, still free.
U do U please, and, I’ll do me.
HAPPINess (the politics of today)

30 September 2019

When life brings so many gifts,
And yet I ask for more.
I become the kind of thief,
That happiness ignores.
So  many blessings, on my counter lie,
Yet, still again I try, looking there, for more.
The bliss I search, already left my door.
Why is the treasure, I surely would adore,
Already bored, waits on my ready floor.
More, I said, give me more.

God bless, my poor old mother.
the philosophy of TRiUMPh, I would guess?
A Feast

23 September  2019

A beam of light through my window,
Lands on the mouse on my coffee table.
Perhaps a crumb or two from yesterday,
Awaits him.

23 September 2019.

In the soft misty light of morning,
She kisses me, and touches my arm.
A gentle eye touches my nose saying
I never will do you harm.
Love answers my prayers every day.

15 September 2019

The leader smiled.

If you seek etenity,
Be just like me.
Religion is almost free.

It's not too late,
As you wait,
Pay your tithe.
Here's your date.

Tis an endeavor,
I find clever.
In all economic weather.
Tithed and feathered.
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