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Light House Jun 2016
What happens when
an unstoppable strength meets
an impenetrable wall?

I suppose -- as they always say -- that it depends....

But rather attempt to destroy one another
-- resulting in some endless stalemate --

I would like to imagine them joining forces.
May E V Watson Feb 2015
When the heart is stilled,
and our eyes are blind.
   When our limbs are lead,
and our hands are chained and numb.

   Keep your eyes open,
Use the pain to stay alive.
   Protect your Allies son,
protect them with your life.

   Get them out of the dark,
and lead them into the light.
   Protect your comrades son,
Protect them with your life.

  *  Even if only one of you can
leave this fiery Hell.*
   If even only one of you survives
then a victory has been one!
   For they cannot stop you child,
If together you stand and fight!
   Fight for your rights my Child,
Fight to live your life!

    Fight for what you believe in Son,
fight for what you know is right.
   Defend your brothers and Sisters son,
protect what you hold most tight.

    You know your lives are ending,
as you stand and fight.
   But as you lay here dying,
You see him striding through the light.

   He stands tall and strong now,
the Boy now a man,
   Not a child in any's eyes,
Standing tall in the light.

   With his Infantry behind him,
he blasted all enemies in sight.
   When the others saw him they burst into tears,
For their arrival also washed away their fears.
An ode to the soldier. Yet again to be read as though you were a bard.
Chris Renninger May 2014
I like to imagine myself as a shield
Casting itself over it’s allies in battle
Saving them from shrapnel and enemy attack
On the front there was color
It has long faded into a plain metallic sheen
The color was not faded in one short stroke of grief
But rather by years and years of wear and misuse
It is filled with scratches
Some from enemies, some from allies, some from myself
On the back there are words
Some that I say all the time
Words like “I’m fine” and “Don’t worry about me”
Others are phrases I wished I heard
“Proud of you, son” “Good job, son”
These words serve to protect the guise
To persuade those who are protected by the shield
To never glance at the battle-worn front
Sometimes the shield is close to breaking
Mostly from overuse
Sometimes it breaks itself
Chipping pieces off wondering why it doesn’t feel whole anymore
What was once a thick, sturdy shield
Has become a frail, flimsy barrier
Ready to break at the slightest hit
It refuses to go easily
As if it were gone who would protect those behind it
How could such an imperative device be so easily replaced
How could others forget its purpose
How could the shield forget its own worth
Red Bergan Apr 2014
You may see me in the shadows,
Watching your every move..
You have become my prey...
Now its time to feed..

You soul is quite interesting,
How about we join sides..
You know? Allies?
do not be afraid of me..*
I only will destroy your self-esteem...
Bount- beings who absorb and the **** souls from the bodies of living and dead humans.

— The End —