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Frank Ruland Jul 2014
And I alleviate to inebriate;
T-minus twelve packs and counting
Broken beer bottles--
glass embedded in my plastered wall.
I go to pick them out
but cut myself.
I didn't want you back anyways!
Phil Anselmo is my only friend cuz
he understands my anger,
but he likes liquor better.
And I'm kinda hurt you came
by without more beer
you wanna talk but
what's that gonna do?
I can't make cents when I'm
this sober.
Can this be over? You're
killin my buzz.
Go ahead home, head home, home
is where your heart is
and tonight it's not here.
I'm sorry you came by
during such difficult times.
You might try later
when I start really caring;
starting with my hangover.
Until then I just wanna think--
I mean-- drink about what's happening.
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