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RFranc RN Mar 15
For the most part of the day,
the weather's gloomy.
My bed-weather mood,
finally taken its toll.
In these tiny moments
of fragmented daydreaming,
my head and my heart
are clouded
by the very thoughts of you.

Suddenly, I am warm.
Suddenly, I am cozy.
Suddenly, I am at peace.
I behold this love from afar
although unspoken,
to have it in any other way,
I would never want.
Wait, is it love now?
Yes, it’s love now.
Yes, I can finally tell.

It’s not easy, you know
to love someone,
unknowingly. But duh,
love knows no bounds
neither any form of distance,
nor needs anything in return.
And I don’t need reciprocation.
It’s just how I feel,
at least while it lasts.
I’d like to keep it this way.

In this solace,
a bountiful of prayers
somewhere lies.
From my subconscious mind
to connect with yours, somehow.
I’d like to know:
how your day’s doing,
what are you thinking about,
what sort of things
made you happy today.

A prayer to get to know you,
to dive into your soul
and amaze myself
of what it’s like
to be ever present
right there,
in your world.
Because in my world?
Oh darling, you're there,
you always have been.

In a not-so-distant time,
any moment now, perhaps
we could finally have
our universe -
where there exists
two people
namely you and me,
side by side,
as happy as we’ll ever be.
RFranc RN Dec 2021
Woke up today, thinking of you.
As the sun illuminates my window,
I couldn’t help but be grateful,
for the bliss it brought upon,
for the joy you brought upon.
The rest of the day,
now I shall look forward to.
Though you may not know,
it doesn’t matter.
To love you from afar,
I don’t mind.
Today is the first day after having written a love letter for my long-time secret love. That letter seems to make all the difference because finally, what had been a secret is no longer a secret today. It's a privilege because not every one is given a similar opportunity to love and to express how they feel.
So here I am, trying to make the most of it, while it lasts.
Azra Ajmal Jun 2019
I  have many a time wondered
Why do they ,
They  the; bond sharers
Unknown to each
But well known to each  
Shared by the core of love
THUS; the dilemma in me

My fingers pressurizes on these letterpads
The dilemma is cleanse  cleared factually,
Falling in it
Twinkle Mar 2017
She lost her heart inside his the words his mind composed...inside the myriad memories of this emerald eyes...that shone with a light she had never know...a longing she thought was hers alone...

She loved him more than life itself..
But feared that even the shadow of her
scared, wounded heart would cast
an evil that could not be dispelled.

The proof of her love was in her eyes..she loved him each moment...knowing well that even the sight of him killed her a thousand times over...
She wanted the best for him...even if it meant being without her.

His future, his dreams meant more to her than that ache deep down to see him behold her with a longing she saw in his eyes alone....none ever looked at her like that...ever
Lust was all she got....disgust if at all.

He made her feel beautiful, feel complete..seem ageless...almost magically as if his love alone could transform her demons into ashes....
He was all she ever wanted..hoped for..he was the answer to her aching heart!

She loved him like she would die every day just to be held in his transcendental embrace...

But then she ran away...frightened at the plethora of emotions that coursed through her hopeless body..afraid of her own shadow...afraid of what it meant...a reality she couldn't dream of..cudnt imagine..
worlds colliding.. hopes shattering...
she dare not love again...she dare not love again..she promised herself.."Not this time...not again"
AJ Sep 2014
In a different zone
Lost touch with people I’ve known
Moving in a different direction
Not in the search of perfection
I gave up that dream as soon as I realized
Everyone’s faulty and that’s what makes us prized
To learn from mistakes and become wiser
Maybe lend a hand and be nicer
Keep moving regardless
No matter what pain, sorrow, stress
Hard times remind me of my mistakes
Glad I’m far away from these fakes
I know Imma make it no matter what it takes
They can keep looking down on me
They might even knock me down on one knee
But I’m not going out without a fight
Life’s a *****, she never played me right

— The End —