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I'm still dreaming about you
I never pictured this outcome
You're like a nightmare
That I can't wake up from
So many words wasted
On poems written about you
I never wanted any of this
I hope you're haunted too
Get out of jail free
Should not exist
As partners in crime
You also deserve this
I'm drowning in guilt
There is no remedy
You can leave a person in the past
But you can never erase the memory
Luis Valencia Jul 2018
It was once
In the stillness of night
I saw the eyes of an angel

He watched over me and carried me away
He guided me to mornings
He took my fears away

It was once
I loved a man
A man who was bold

He loved me
He kissed me
He made me feel secure

It was once
I suspected a lie that I realized
It would grow over time

My stomach had begun to churn
Life smacked me from the balconies
Onto the concrete below

It was only once
Those are the words that shot from his lips
The second that he was accused

His face was full of anger
A fist flew too quickly for me to react
A hard hand across a soft cheek

It was once
Then twice
Then three times

It was once
In my home I felt safe
Now im a hostage

Because I forgave him
Because I loved him
Because I needed him I stayed

If was only once
but I let it go on
I never asked him to stop

Now my face has a new bruise
Every night
And he gets what he wants every night

Once I was happy
Now life is ****
the memories of my mother
William Lee Oct 2017
The tremors of her lip
Measured seismographic.

The fissures of her vows
Arrived at her throat.

Her diamond band never shifted;
She broke away from me.

For I said,
"We all die alone with our actions."

— The End —