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Max Aug 2019

When you looked into my eyes
and said you'd never let me go.
Did you intend to throw it away?
You stripped me of my trust.

The lines of code in front of my eyes
keeps me from telling you of my hurt.
Its like a barrier freezing my body.
You took away my innocence.

I want to break free of this mess
but you keep holding me back.
You keep me from leaving your clutches.
I need to escape this before its too late.

You control my life
as if I'm just a puppet on strings.
"I'm not a toy to play with", I say
But youre too busy to hear.
So uh, I just escaped an abusive relationship of 2 months..
Max Jun 2019
The last time i saw you was February sometime
I dont remember what i said
But i know i was bored enough to leave early

I regret everything in my past.
I wish i spent more time with you
When i had the chance

Now you were taken away
By the hands of death themself
And ill have to deal with the guilt

Instead of spending time with you
I chose to watch tv and pretend it was okay
I loved you so much.

I never showed it because i was stupid.
I know that now.
I wish i spent more time with you.

Now she spends her days sitting alone
Wishing you were by her side
But you were taken away.

She prays to have you back
To hug you one last time
But no one is listening

I blame myself for her pain for it was my fault
I didnt do anything, and thats why its my fault
I couldve done more

I couldve came over more often.
I couldve talked with you over the phone
You raised me for half my childhood

I wish i spent more time with you
For ill never see you again.
Youre gone for sure now.

Seeing you in the bed made me cry
I shouldnt hugged you everytime
But i avoided it because i was stupid

Now ill never hug you again.
My mom cries for your death at night.
My dad says youre with the angels.

I cry every night over you.
I cry for your life being taken away too early
Grandmother cries for you but doesnt let it show.

Last time she talked to me
She reminded me of the past
And she cried and hugged me tighter.

Sometimes i feel your presence.
I try to hold on to that
But soon the guilt overtakes

I miss you so much.
Im sorry i didnt try harder
Its all my fault.

I wish you hadnt passed away, grandfather.

Its all my fault. I regret not hugging him more. 4-22-19
Max Jun 2019
School ended last week
My days have turned bleak.
You said you'd stay in touch
But you havent texted much.
i hate everyone except the people on this website (excluding myself)
Max May 2019
We met over video chat.
I thought you were pretty neat.
But then you stole my heart
And now it doesnt beat.

How dare you, with those ocean eyes
Hold my hand and take away my light
You made me feel so special
And now its always night.

I guess I'll be alone for ever.
Its what was destined.
You thought you were clever
I feel shunned.
Haha, that *Mad Hatter* poem was about my ex girlfriend, whom i dated for 7 months. This poem "Alone" is about that same ex girlfriend and when she broke my heart last year :(
Max May 2019
We have to write a sonnet for English
My brain is empty because I am tired
My ideas are starting to vanish
If I had a job I would be fired.
I will try to make this poem neater
For I usually love poetry
Although my grades are starting to teeter
I will have to do better to be free
I understand that this will be graded
Even though i will be really sleepy
I guess, maybe, I should not have waited
Because of that i am really weepy.
But i guess today i will try my best
Because at least it isnt a hard test
Woops im gonna fail my english class ugh
Max Mar 2019
The bottle has a lot of words
Like a flock of flightless birds.

It tells me not to exceed two
Just like my friends telling me not to exceed heartbreaks from you.

You tell me to take eleven
So that I wont go to heaven.

But I ended up taking thirteen
So that my vision turned green.

I started getting dizzy
And the world was going fizzy.

Which way was up, and which way was down?
My vision started turning brown.

My stomach started to ache
My mind started to break.

The tears kept falling
And i kept bawling.

The ground was so cold as I laid there waiting for oblivion
I felt like I was done.

I couldn't handle the colours no more
so I shut the door.

I laid on my bed looking at the clock
And glanced at the door lock.

I shut my eyes calmly
As my arms rested near me.

The clock struck one
And I was done.
Theres probably a lot of spelling errors
Max Feb 2019
In my past life I was a Slow Loris.

The voice is like a chorus.

The slow loris is nocturnal like mice.

I dont sleep at night so I can study, which is nice.

Slow Lorises are also slow walkers

Like me, they aren't slow talkers.

We have a lot in common,

Which isnt forgotten.

I was a Slow Loris in my past life.
I had to write this for my English class, sorry. Its cringey. Also hello, I'm not dead or anything I just havent been able to post anything lately cuz I had to do a lot of FRQ's.
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