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Sumina Thapaliya Oct 2015
Ohh My life's Companion

It is better that I take my sorrows with me
Let me narrate the story of my heart
Let me douse you with my tears
Let the tears swab down to your feet
Sumina Thapaliya Oct 2015
He painted me with the faith
Color  to make me as his wish
I was so glad he believe me
I would be real in his sketch

He hold me, croon for me
Dance and smirk with me
He comes close to share his emotion
I feel proud as I shine in his passion


Where are you going leaving me alone?
I could not be here without your shadow
I feel suffocation in this canvass
I would be scared in this dimness

I am so isolate without your hug
You make me smile blush me up
Now I can't be happy nor can cry
As the tears will take identity of my
The only thing you left for me
The only thing I can carry for you
That makes me feel alive in this canvass
  Oct 2015 Sumina Thapaliya
There is a woman
Named Sumina
Who is from Kathmandu

Hope you have a good day
Your poetry is beautiful
And so are you
Sumina Thapaliya Oct 2015
You cant save my life
I am drawn
drawn in my own pain

You cant make me happy
I am covered
Covered with my own grief

You cant read me
I am written in the paper
damped by my own tears
Sumina Thapaliya Sep 2015
I can take a breath
but can't live my life
I am confused I am dead or alive

I have lots of things to do
will you please give some rest
I am now too tired
will you please clean up my bed

I want to see the moon
the clouds are dark
now its going to rain
can I now see it clear

I have lots of dream
will you please give me prefect night
I need to see my dreams
will you please make me alive
Sumina Thapaliya Sep 2015
I wanna make a dream
wish to make them true
why can't I close my eyes
As I have bad dream so many times

I wanna be happy
want to have a big smile
how can my face be bright
As I have cried for whole night
Sumina Thapaliya Sep 2015
Mirror mirror !!!
Who is the unlucky in this world
The one who fails the thing in one
And no doubt its infront

Mirror Mirror !!
Who is the saddest in this world
The one who is here to ask
you have no money to buy all you want

Mirror Mirror !!
who is the happiest in this world
Go and asked with another one

                                                      Mirror Mirror !!
                                                      Who is the happiest in this world
                                                      Ohh didn't you notice care of  one
                                                      You­ are the one with bunch of love

                                                      Mirro­r Mirror !!
                                                      Who is the prettiest in the world
                                                      You are the queen of someone's hearts !!!
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