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Steven Covert Jul 2015
I just want to be held.
Embraced by your arms and shoved into your chest with the passion that I long to feel from you.

I want you to burn me.
Burn me to death and give me new life.
Your cigarette burn holed love.

Entrap me in that brown eyed gaze.

They say you can tell a sign of attraction by watching where someone looks when they are talking to you.
When words escape your mouth all I can look at is where they are coming from.
Your lips that make me want to bite you.
Your tongue that makes me want to shove you against a wall and hold you there.
So you're mine.

Be mine.
Steven Covert Apr 2015
I hope we're always friends.
You showed me a part of your soul tonight.
I saw a glimmer of You.
It was nice.
Better than nice,
I want to see it more often.
You're a kind soul deep down.
Just as vulnerable as the rest of us.
Steven Covert Apr 2015
I can't get the image of you inside her out of my head.

Anxiety attack in 3...2...
Steven Covert Dec 2014
The truth escapes my lips in my dreams, but stays inside when I'm awake.
I'm afraid of you.
  Nov 2014 Steven Covert
Caitlyn Bruce
"just try not to give a ****."

I try and I try and I ******* try.
But all I do is give a ****.
I care so ******* much that it claws up my throat until it feels like I can't breathe.
I care about anything that goes through your stupid ******* head, even now, when I know you could give a ****.
I don't want to anymore.
I don't want to want you anymore.
Your apathy drowns me.
  Nov 2014 Steven Covert
Alyssa Rose
I want you.
All of you.

Hands through my hair.
Lips everywhere.

Consume me.
Ruin me.
Steven Covert Nov 2014
I'm a wannabe thief.
I want to steal things from you.
Like a sweater or a shirt.
A glance, a lighter, your glasses.
To steal a kiss would make me the happiest man on Earth.
But most of all I want to steal your heart...
and never let go.
But I'm just a wannabe.
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