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Alyssa Rose Jul 2018
Poets/Writers/Artists! I have started a literary journal called 'Sun and Moon' and submissions are OPEN. This is a space for new and emerging writers. Send your poems, short stories, and/or visual art to Feel free to inbox for more information!
Alyssa Rose Mar 2016
May your eyes never forget
the taste of me-
taken in,
in the humid evenings
of late July.

May your lips never forget
the smell of me-
pink skin catching
every glisten of sweat
condensing under
the hot sun.

May your ears never forget
the sight of your name
escaping in a gasp
from my pink lips,
my eyes wide open
never missing a second
of your perfection.
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
"Come alive..." he urged.

Those whispered words ached in my heart
night after night. I could never seem
to make sense of the request,
and he could never see that he was
the only thing keeping me strung together.
To him, I was miles away from
the look in his eyes. Except he refused to
reach out for me, and I was incapable
of crawling back on my own.
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
It's hard to imagine
that one day
we will be nothing
more than fossils.

Our only remnant
a dent in the dirt.
The people who find us
will know nothing,
only that our bones
have survived
of years.
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
Walking on the
rough concrete,
I had the
sudden realization
of what I was.

I was never
fully formed.
No hand found
mine to hold,
nor could
my own
ever rest still
at my sides.

I was created only
to free fall
the breath of tomorrow,
from day
to sunny day-
a mirage of freedom
to my acquaintances.
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
I will discover
a patch of
my blanket
that smells
like you.

I let my nose
linger there,
inhaling your scent
until the aroma
and the memories
wash over me

and my heart
can no longer
stay above
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
We liked to watch sunrise-
backs pressed against
the damp hillside
landlocked to the
feeling of the moisture
soaking my shirt.

Our hands melted together-
and dawn's sky gave way
to the beginning of the day,
and the earth had never seemed
more alive.
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