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Janessa Jun 2015
limitations and creativity is a bad pair,
for creativity is limitless
  May 2015 Janessa
Rae Harrison
Day 1: Blithe
(bl-I-the); happy or joyous
"I'm sorry but I'm rather blithe right now. It was nice to meet you."
Day 7: Convivial
(kon-viv-ve-ul); friendly, lively, or enjoyable
"The room spikes from dull to absolutely convivial just from your precence, darling."
Day 15: Pulchritudinous
(puhl-kri-tood-n-uhs); extreme physical beauty
"You look absolutely pulchritudinous tonight."
Day 16: Love
(luhv); an intense feeling of deep affection
"I love you."
Day 30: Veridical
(vuh-rid-i-kuhl); truthful; veracious
"This isn't how it used to be, if i'm being completely veridical"
Day 45: Simulacrum
(sim-yuh-ley-crum); a slight, unreal, or superficial likeness
"You were just a simulacrum for real love!"
Day 49: Lugubrious
(luh-goo-bre-us); full of sorrow or sadness
"Will the lugubrious feelings ever stop?"
Day 50: goodbye
(good-bi); used to express good wishes when parting
Janessa Apr 2015
Please take it easy, my lonely heart

He makes you feel like everything is gonna be alright

Be steady and take it slow

No, you're not yet in love

Watch your step along the road

Learn from the past

...but leave everything that's unpleasant...

Bring with you the good memories

....put it in your treasure box....

...Be ready for another ride...

Now you learned,

it wasn't always easy

Sun doesn't always shine bright

Atleast now, you'll know when  the rain comes...

Before it arrives..
  Apr 2015 Janessa
Daniel James

What's that?

Oh... Nothing.

The truth is not an option.

Oh god.

Not again.

That silent phone, distracted eyes.

Thinking about what I've said to...

No. The truth is not an option. I wish it was.

This route just feels familiar now.

There's nothing to look forward to.

But, well...

The truth is not an option.

No. You're right.


I don't know, perhaps it is.

The truth is not an option.

Ok, so what?




Janessa Apr 2015
I'm asking myself,
Am I in the right place
Should I really be here
Did I make the right choice
or am I just looking at the wrong angle
Am I really that fed up
or maybe I just need a pause to think clear
Do I really hate what I do
or maybe I'm just doing it wrong
failures keep on summing up
bad results that are hard to fix
domino effect
Are they bluffing with me,
or maybe I'm just too stubborn to listen
to what they had to say
I'm trying to read between the lines
opinion and advice
Anxiety strikes
Is this called self loathing
seems like I don't trust myself like before
Not that confident and always sure to what I do..
Like everything is not falling in the right place
Janessa Mar 2015
Sometimes, others might find your actions weak,
But on your angle, its the opposite of what they see.
  Feb 2015 Janessa
Vincent Chukwuemeka
One more creation was abandoned
Neglected by incapable lads
Flocks to clueless herdsmen
Sheep with feckless purpose
Drooling to episodes of their disgusting chivalry  
Their gold and silver were made of flesh
Trophies of broken women and promises
                        - Foolish sons and uncles

Daughters and aunties are creators
They watch the night like fearless combatants
Between the wretch of men and the future
These women stood like guardians
Ready to take every blow, every curse, all the crap
Just because one more creation will survive
                        - Believing lasses
God created man in His image; I didn't say that, I read it from a book.
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