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With the day after Christmas
We return to the normality
Of me not looking at you
And you not talking to me

With hands deep in our pockets
Holding tight the spare change
Where we don't loose what little we've got
Or give too much away

Where all that is seen
Is the blind destiny
As I climb over you
On the rung of what's in it for me

With the day after Christmas
We're back to where we were
Not trying to be
Such good boys and girls

Where a grudge I unwrap
And think bad about you
Wait a minute that
Was the day before too

Where we take peace on Earth
And good will towards men
And pack it away
For another year

Where the Government
Sends us back to the war
With no earthly idea
Of what we're fighting for

Where we don't listen
To the cries of the children
As all of this happens
The day after Christmas
I'm losing it
Standing at the precipice
One foot out in the open
The other stepping off of the ledge

I'm losing it
Falling now as fast as I can
Not exactly what I was hoping
But one that I have grown to expect

I'm losing it
What little I tend to have left
These days I'd say I'm barely coping
And with all of that being said

I'm losing it
Standing at the precipice
One foot out in the open
The other stepping off of the ledge
I'll be taking a break from all social media starting tomorrow...
A handful of the rosary:

One for the bell,

One for the crow that flew the town,
upon the spire’s clattering ring.

One for the herb
meant to freshen the room,

One for the beating moth,

One for the well-worn apparatus
that keys keep hidden for the host.
staring out the window,
I remember you as you were

a bird always in flight

a fist full of tomorrows
held in the palm of your hand

staring out the window at the pouring rain
the warmth of your hand
pinions of a dove's wing
your hand in mine

I will not see the shadow
under your smile

gathering all the light in a room
like a flower in the sun

I remember you as you were
My prayer this Easter
Is for you to experience
The true and everlasting joy
That being a child of God brings you.
I want you to fully understand
His love and compassion for you,
And I want you to believe
That He died and
Rose from the grave
To give you eternal life in heaven with Him.
Happy Easter everyone! <3
You stole my heart
with a kiss
freely given
Her eyes
held me captive

her kisses
set me

As I laid my head,
anticipating the arrival
of a long day’s sleep...

I heard the beating of my heart -
faint but clear - marking the quiet
that loomed before rest.

I traced each beat...
Counted them, knowing that
soon would come
and I’d be in slumber deep.

I remembered another whose beats matched those of mine -
I finally let go, and got lost
in my cosy nighttime nest.
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