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2.9k · Sep 2013
Cheer up, dear
Cheer up, dear
it's only a moment.
you're sitting through a sunrise
that's taking longer than it promised.
those kisses that you remember
are no better then the ones
waiting in front of you.
remember where you came from
and look to where your going
your smile is so radiant
your soul so strong.
keep striving on with diligence
because the new day is about to dawn
and when you see the bright light
you'll realize how much you're meant
to really be and become.
2.6k · Sep 2013
this girls got it down
when she stomps on the ground
the whole town
looks around
"say what"
(no thanks, macklemore)
when she flips her hair,
and it's in dee air
the boys all go
and shout the whole dayyo
caz look here allison
i know you like peanut butter cookies
and your percy jackson bookies
and singin' josh groban
like (you gotta be jokin')
really girl,
you think you got it goin'!
you inspired me
and to climb up in this tree
and write this poem
just so i could show em
that i can take it
as well as dish it
and girl
you the best roommate
you got the best traits
even though you keep me up
caz you be watching 30 rock
and wearing my fav pair of socks
but that okay
caz with you girl, every day
is a par-tay
An Ode to my roommate.
2.0k · Jan 2014
I, the traveler
When i read your poems
I am happy to see
that love is still among many
even though it may be hard to see…

striving to make sense of our feelings
our deep and inner dispositions
when we are presented with this thing,
this thing, someone named "love"

because people
with there beaten and broken hearts
the medication, alcohol and ailments
do not heal or stop this predicament…

it is so hard to see the light
my friends, look beyond the situation

everything is as meant to be.
though hard to see

your life is held in the palm of a hand
whose gentle care will never end

so raise your head
and stand up tall

you are one among all
whose hearts have been broken

but you, this individual
my friend, you are

for I am a witness to say,
you are a blessing to me every day
addressing those who are down spirited.
your heart will soon be happy
1.6k · Nov 2013
Too scared to take another step
too tired to go all the way
too deep to back out and start over
my heart always kept at bay

why is it in this society
we shape our actions so sharp
our fears, our concerns, our inner strives
so clothed in our never-ending doubt

we need to look to light
so keen and soft and true
that is always sure to bring us
back as we begin to brew

sweet and longing tales of old
that keep our hearts so soft
like clay in the potters hand
or creation in the makers land
1.6k · Oct 2013
love is...
not always an overcoming bliss...
love is...
conversing with a friend over a sad event that happened in there day,
stopping for a minute in the playground with your brother to play
showing steps in a math problem for your little sister
spreading the cheese over the lasagna for your mom and her mister
carrying grocery bags to an elderly person's car
picking up a **** in a yard
letting someone know some insight you have on a particular action
looking into someone's eyes and absorbing how they feel (for a minute, forget attraction)

doesn't have to be relatable.
doesn't have to be fun.
but this is the kind of love,
that when you give it,
you can't help but feel
some warmth coming from somewhere out there
and unwillingly, unknowingly
makes it's way inside your heart.
1.3k · Apr 2016
Solitude: Haiku
An experience
tangible only to him
his mind's universe
1.3k · Oct 2013
The blessing
the lord bless you and keep you
the lord lift his countenance upon you
and give you peace
and give you peace
and give you peace
the lord make his face to shine upon you...
and be gracious
unto you
the lord, be gracious unto you.

A song I sang in my high school choir.
Quiet echoing
                         tranquility loosens me
                                                                 *I bask in your love
1.2k · Mar 2016
The Gargoyle: Haiku
Heavenly being

    wings keeping her warm in rain                                  
*she still turned to stone
1.2k · Mar 2016
Sabbath: Haiku
Leisure is a gift
I thank you for this seventh day
since You asked, I'll rest
After tending sheep,
He reads the worn Hymnal and
Dozes by the fire
A tribute to Gabriel Oak of Far from the Madding Crowd :) I love Thomas Hardy!
Why do you rob me?

toys,                                            (phones, laptops, headphones, music..)
times with friends,                   (won't you have a drink? a smoke?..)
times with family,                    (ugh i hate them..)
food,                                           (don't eat that..)
dances,                                        (lemme touch you..)
body image,                               (you looked better….)
photographs,                             (fake smiles..)
dates,                                           (***..)
religion                                       (haha.. wait. you don't really believe that.. do you?)

If only
you could be just a little more
****** up
so every one else
could see
some of what I see.

one of the victims,
of this preposterous, soul diminishing system.
just an anonymous person,
who can't embrace anything but your beliefs in the right column. (oh so certain...).
I apologize if this is simply too much. I figure I should write what I feel. I hope you enjoy. I mean no harm.
1.0k · Mar 2016
A Second Observation: Haiku
When lovers embrace
I can't help but take notice
this world's love and peace.
It's lovely to see how it's truly all worth it, for the purpose of loving another and being loved.
Little moments peeking
behind my facade of searching
amid trees I'm walking
to you I am talking

About long days I am living
these times are calling
to me, though I'm falling
farther from your embrace

do you miss my words?
those things which betray me
who I am though I am trying
to be me for myself and Him

I feel your guidance
though I am falling again
the tension i'm experiencing
is raking my soul

I watch her watching
nature in her perched loveliness
she knows no bounds
but only because she is without
a mind and understanding

rationality and thinking
are nothing to feeling
for it is by feeling I am alive,
though I don't live by feeling
I am one with Him and He with me

I am the bride of His choosing
but I am not worthy
because I am not working
"my output is my worth" I feel
society watching and weighing

me, through these thick blinds
comparing the next person to my
possessions are these possessions mine?
or do they and I belong

to this world I am living in
I am giving in, seeing in
him and her and all of society
a oneness in charity, if only a malady

of death sweeping over
a cooler portion of earth, her
sweeping dimensions encapsulating and
soaking the mind in
wonder, though I often do not see
the passing of time's painful passing I am
perceiving myself perceiving.
do me this solid
and keep up with the

tired and over exhilarated
won't you ask me how im

learning to dig
inside my heart for my most recent

emotions are so awful they keep me
running for more and i can't

really see exactly where I'm
going to where im supposed to be trying to

understand how i feel is like
learning Chinese upside down, underwater, while having a tea party with an octopus

i guess ill just take the stairs and maybe i
could actually finish a

great deal of me feels
like i need to buy a nice looking

man and make him cook me spicy
omelets and he'll look quite **** under

my umbrella on the purple rooftops that i
decided to jump on my way to

work has been lowsy too many
people wishing for something and here i

am trying to finish a sentence i think
i might need to go back to grade school and take

an english course.
996 · Jan 2016
Without You
Have you ever noticed
that when the unrelenting season
of air as crisp as the taste of september apples
comes washing in like the crash of sea upon the dry sand

It is on a day such as this,
on a walk I see
the meandering pines
stretching their hands to the sky
No longer appearing like branches,
they certainly look like roots.

As so.

When the summer is gone.
Perhaps the world is all upside down.
As I am upside down
without you.
980 · Oct 2013
Asking Him
The moment
i reached over to you
and whispered in your ear
(over the hard piece separating us)
and I whispered
"Wish you were in town...."
"Why?" he asked turning from the stage..
"Well... because..
                                                       ­     * because I love how you kneel at church
                                                          ­     how you always seem to be around
                                                          ­     how you perk up your eyebrows
                                                              **­w we talk about how God graced us
                                                              ­how you are so smart. In Anatomy and Psychology
                                                      ­         how your eyes make my shoulders slump
                                                           ­ (I think it's because my chest collapses, must be somethin' in there)
                                                          ­   because you asked me to an opera
                                                             how you smile after I mess up
                                                             that you open up doors for me
                                                             I love your funny Dr. Fischer impressions
                                                     ­         that you work in an italian restaurant
                                                      ­        and play the guitar and go to church to praise God
                                                              **­w your lips seem so incredibly soft
                                                            ­  and I lose myself in your eyes....

-"I was wondering if you could go to the Sadie-Hawkins dance with me?"
-"I would love to Sophie!"

-"I just thought you would have already been asked!"                                 red
-"No, I don't have *that
many women chasing after me" wink
-"Hah, yeah I couldn't imagine why." wink

972 · Oct 2016
Stillness: Tankas
Thinking I would run
erasing, vaporizing
all the thoughts of self

my shoulder's dropping
defenses leaving
I feel your presence

tranquility and
serenity, you are life
and I am grateful
928 · Dec 2013
captive on my own vessel
i can't help but lay my love at your feet
my dearest love of mine

your essence has captivated my vision
my heart, my soul and my mind.

there is love among the snow capped trees
upon the porch faintly lit,
among the cross that stands on the steeple,
even the water trickling from the fountains tip

it is all i see,
all i want,
all i need,
all i sought

so you my love,
i have finally seen,
allowed me to die to my soul
a softening, ever gentle renewal

no winter is not sharp,
no winter is not mean,
winter is the reminder that
we are to melt body and spirit;
and rise up again with spring
913 · Oct 2013
Do you hear it?
the male cricket sings
the swallow sings
the bees sing
we sing
                                                            ­                        even if it's in the hollow of our hearts
we dance                                                            ­       even if it's in the hollow of our bodies
we Desire                                                         ­       even if we keep it hidden under our skirts
and you can't contain it
                                                              ­                    girls and boys, don't you lie
                              ­                                                   and yet im sitting here like really?
                                                                ­                 I am so low!
                                                                ­                 How can i revel in such lowliness??
                                                     ­                            Oh, do i revel in my desire.
Do you want to know why i am like this?
                                                           ­                      because I am human.

We were given this
All in an attempt
to bring us ever closer
to His heart.
More like a rant, but I hope you enjoy.
Desire was given for us, a desire to delve into his other creations.
Because in his other creations
we find God.
Relentless trav'lers
know not the peace of farmers'
ordinary life
882 · Sep 2013
Here I am
wasting time
im gone a little
gone in time

I tried not to notice
the leaving day
by afternoon
i was gone away

the flowers sleep
your widows peak
summer iced tea
long and deep

blurred by vision
set in stone
i sat those nights
when i was alone

the gaze you gave
to those long lost stars
i wanted to save
keep in my jar

want to laugh like you used to
laugh in the day
laugh in the mornin'
laugh in the haze

i drew in a breath
it caught your gaze
in the shimmer and the haze
in the bronze of those days

gimme that smile
i knew so well
that day you met
my sorry soul

in the blues and the greens
and the songs and the trees
in the suns and the bees
in the moons and the seas

ill stay with you
for all of time
my heart is yours
all of mine

i'll pray for you
to the God i love
ill pray for you
to God above

the laughs we shared
the times we dared
there not a waste
there my endeavor

believe in me
believe in you
believe in us
and we'll see through

the darkened light
the drearier night
the dreaded times
the evil sights

the world we live in
the world we fight
the dusty morns
the cool of night

now friend, i,
know you struggle with the way you look,
the grades you get,
the fish you net,
your girlfriend next,
your tired dad,
your long lost soul
and long lost bet

but life is short,
(and so am i)
i'll pray to God
you'll get by

and if it's my last breath
i'll give to you
my last lie
i'll lie for you

i've never wished to die
never wished to die
but i'd sure do
if i left your side

so here i go
this is the end
of the song i wrote
for you my friend

miss you now
miss you then
miss you next year
when i'll send

a postcard from
far away
beyond the days
beyond those days...
876 · Nov 2013
Crossroads 20w
how can i explain….


how do i show you….

Is God ever late? Or early?
859 · Feb 2018
Little Meanings: Senryu
"Contented" he said

"Contented" I repeated

we laughed under stars.
856 · Mar 2016
I Yearn to See You: Haiku
Touching your veiled face
you wincing, I persisting
*show me your whole self
849 · Jun 2016
the moment on the top of Mount Shasta,
           peering over the vast green landscape,
walking beside the Yuba river,
           bubbling and overflowing in blue and green hues
underneath the willow tree in my back lawn,
          it is reaching down to envelope me.

It is silence.
         more than all the clatter of noiseless gongs trying to prove worth
It is goodness.
         more than the righteousness we believe we have
It is oneness.
         more united than the waters on the surface of this earth.
843 · Oct 2013
Tea for two
beside the ocean blue
i looked inside my cup
just outta luck
saw the titanic old
my vision i told
to my mate sitting
next to me knitting,
Look here! i said,
I'm not kiddin!
a ships in there!

..."oh, thats too much to bare"
my mate said as he leaned
over to see, but the sunlight beamed,
and he could not see
the titanic that would sink
grateful for you

because without you

who would I be?
Thank you
828 · Nov 2013
You for You
and me
were not built
on a foundation
that would tilt.

so can't you see?
we have an obligation to be free.
to love those that came before you
and respect and care for those to be.

but forget all your boundless worries
that fill your heart and day
and reap instead, your happiness
on the soil of tenderness and trust, I say!

we once knew for certain
if life would end in a manner,
we need to remember our day and place and hour
and allow meaning to flow with our power.

be joyful in yourself
smile because you are you
and no matter how hard I (or anyone) could try
to take that you from you,
you have the capability,
to know that
only you
are true
2 corinthians 3:2-3
812 · Jan 2017
The One I Shouldn't Post
I wonder where my mind has gone
out in the walks along the gravestones
sunken 6 feet deep
and pushing up daisies

I like to think (and I bet they are happy they don't)
that one day I'll meet the man of my dreams
and we will sit 6 feet underneath with
words saying "together since..."

I hope that I'm too picky for this,
or not picky enough
I like too many boys and non of them stick
because i'm afraid that no one could love me

for who I am and will stay.
So, i'll just hope that I can sink
and push up daisies for
all the other couples still living,
the great great great great great granddaughters and sons
to admire on their walks through nature's vast landscape.

And GOD I hope you're up there,
because this existential dilemma will bring me to my grave
and I just hope you'll meet me there
because you're the only one I would really need anyways.
773 · Dec 2013
two hearts meld to one
My best friend
has a new ring

I fear

this is the beginning
of my lonely feelings


oh yes.

ill still wait patiently,



*to come along
One of my dearest friends just got engaged.
Some sinking feeling,
mixed with joy
and a little hope. :)
759 · Oct 2013
O Nata Lux
Grand splendor
of the
Aida Opera
always leaves me

Deception, Love, Treason
Oh my heart
aches for her loss...

Justification for ones country
priests who deceived
so wrongly...

under the marble pillars
angel of death drawing near...

Oh God!
My heavenly kingdom!
my soul has arrived!

Now I can see it
O Nata Lux

The light.
756 · Oct 2013
50 percent
50% of the world resides in darkness
why do we keep running from it?
Embrace what comes in the night
the horror,
how it aches in my bones
                                                       because at times i feel so
(lost in the terrain of my heart)

only through the darkness
can i see with clear vision
it is through grasping, hugging, holding and caressing all these grievances
that i can use them as a foundation, a step, to climb

to finally see something
                                                and what is it,
                                                                                                  but only
                                                                                                                                                           the day.
754 · Jan 2014
You are not an opportunity

but a sweet responsibility

You are meant

to be held,

not possessed...

Not figured out,

but *discovered
751 · Nov 2013
Gentle 20W


is the
750 · Jun 2016
Passing Themes
Oh why,
must our memories be a
reconstruction of the past and not
reality to show me that the past, in reality
was not as good as I reconstruct it to be.
750 · Jan 2014
Her name was Old
in growing up
the one most commended,
most grown,
most love laden

(She floats over
in the moonlight
She walks,
chin tucked,
her garb grazing the withered ground
she ascends into the cold bitter air
her eyes rest on the ground)

melt into the bottoms of Her feet
and the cold is the only one to enter her lungs.

permeable only, if through and in
the Good
In my time here,
I have seen that
the elderly are the complete individuals.
They have seen the beauty in good
they feel the pain and sorrow
both of the world, in and through the world.
In this place, we learn to live.

a glimpse
out of this world

into the Divine
728 · Dec 2013
that it is
easy to
the community
when you
have to be alone.

but I
never thought
I would
722 · Mar 2016
Love: Haiku
If you can hear me
If you can see me, sense me

Know that I love you
708 · Oct 2013
stepped out of the race
i knowingly would lose
i decided to take up a consistent pace
it took everything out of me to lose

the addiction that was like a cloud
of thick, impenetrable slime i can't hide
that kept me ever so proud
of the needles inside

that ***** the side of me that loves the good
don't let me lose concentration
tequila and the beach make me realize they only could
truly leave me ill rationed

always in the mood
to tell you im really not
the prissy *****
you maybe thought i ought

and was to be,
you know you're actually misled
believe me, I'm no sweet pea
my soul is really spread

with grief, toil and strife
though i never stop trying
always easy to live with the knife
keep your mind open, my wet soul's drying

balancing on the tightrope
my visions cast far above me                              (can't see the current circumstance)
seeing that it's easier to cope
with the present                                                    (seein­g you makes my heart dance)
692 · Mar 2016
A Working Man: Haiku
He dozes, head back
no doubt, a long day at work
he find his escape
683 · Mar 2016
Bliss: Haiku
Cows on the hillside
grazing and enjoying sun
a liesure observed
little implications
that there may be something bigger
lies under my foundation i've build under the belief that there simply
something bigger

why you reveal yourself
in twinkling of babies eyes
in crinkling of maroon leaves under my feet
in the hint of bitter nostalgia sitting in my soy milk of my peppermint tea

out of all things living and lasting
                                   out of all planets and stars rising, falling, suspending
                                                      ­                                                      out of all people born, dying and living

                                                       ­          Am I a Seed or a Remnant.
664 · Jun 2016
The Morning After
Many women tell me,
the most efficient ways to live this world.
The men, oh the men
they hide their faces,
thoughts hidden under their
faces smeared with years
of fun and no commitment.

What is it that you are saying?
I thought it only stopped the bump
life's bumps happen so unexpectedly...
I never thought I'd be here, aren't I the traveler?
the smart one? The go-getter- laughing usually
now distress clouds
my decision making...
if you or I knew what the pill does,
a little child with a heart beat, personality, physical characteristics
falling now instead of sleeping in a warm cocoon
waiting to be let out as you and I were. But death
happens to us all, yet should we let this happen
to our most innocent ones?
659 · Dec 2015
"One of the secrets of life,
is that all that is really worth the doing
is what we do for others."
~Lewis Carroll
649 · May 2016
Compline: Tanka
Trappist monks singing                                          s
            ­                                                                 ­   t
                                                          ­                 h
Hymns and incense ascending                g
                                    ­                              i
                               ­                              e
to their very                            *h
This weekend I went to Vina, CA to visit the Trappist/Cistercian monks there. We were able to pray with them during their 7 times daily:
3:30 AM Vigils
6:30 AM Lauds, 6:50 AM Mass
9:05 AM Terce
12:15 PM Sext
1:55 PM None
5:45 PM Vespers
7:35 PM Compline

A very wonderful way to spend the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ! I was able to read the whole New Testament except the Gospels, now on to those!
May God bless you and keep you, and may he let His face shine upon you, and give you peace ~Numbers 6:24
648 · Nov 2013
In his image 30w
is not
determined by


your worth


sculpted, perfected


that your value

*beyond price
the very hairs on your head
are numbered"
Luke 12:17
646 · Nov 2015
To Him,
You are the King of my heart,
even though it doesn't feel that way.

and I so often desire to do things against your will

help me to place Your will above my will

for I desire that resilient, abiding peace which comes with this
but also Your Heavenly Kingdom,

where I may only praise, love and contemplate You,
forever more.

My prayer today.
638 · May 2016
You: Tanka
Some are beautiful
some are smart, clever, refined..
but you I love most.
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