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sharon Jan 2019
he was the sun
she was the moon

he didn't know that
all she wanted was
to shine alone.

– s.r.
— she was not just the moon, she was light.
sharon Oct 2018
my feet are tired of walking,
yet i've only been in circle.

- s.r.
sharon Oct 2018
they don't know that
she is classical;

she is the kind people admire
but seems to be impossible
to be figured out by anyone,

but when they do,
oh how they can hear the
most beautiful lullaby
coming out of her.

— s.r.
— and not everyone is capable of getting to know and understanding her.
sharon Oct 2017
we are humans afterall.
we starve for justice and joy.
                  for acceptance and comfort.
                  for validation and calmness.
                  for easiness and simplicity.
                  for suitance and serendipity.

but we found each other,
against all of that.

-s. r.
because nothing else matters.
sharon Jul 2017
remember me?

i no longer have all the things
i am proud of anymore.

the golds i have are gone
when i refused finishing a war.
the empire i brag about are gone
when i stopped fighting
the trusts people gave me are gone
when i didn't **** a man.
i am no one.
i have nothing left now.

but why all that
doesn't a lot matter to me?
i lost everything,
but i was not lost.

i was lost
when you laid in my arm
for the last time.
i promised i would protect you.
but i didn't.
i let him aimed you.

the stain of your blood
never disappeared.
the last scent of your body
haunted me.
the tone of your voice
became an alarm to my ears. .

i wasn't dead
when an arrow hit my heel.
because maybe,
my real weakness is you.
- why did you have to take 'i will take an arrow for you' way too literally?
sharon May 2017
here is a fact:
everyone deserves to be happy

here are the sad truths:
i always care about other's happiness more than i care about mine, and their and my concept of happiness contradict.
happiness is just a myth. here's for it.
sharon May 2017
you tell me things.
good things.
but when you speak those words,
does your throat even vibrate?

-s. r.
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