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Aug 2017 · 138
Hostile Heart
Roisin Aug 2017
my heart was a battlefield
and love was the losing side
no matter the weapon it wields
hate conquered the divide

it grew to fill my once pure soul
surrounded by my sins
a vicious cycle of vexed control
hate is the one that wins.
Roisin Aug 2017
you paved pathways
in my heart and roads
in my soul

every corner
every traffic light
was under your control

but the streets are
now abandoned
covered in *** holes

and the one way ticket
my heart had for you
is no longer what i hold
Aug 2017 · 123
Love, I Fear
Roisin Aug 2017
Her face fell ashen
As she said her goodbyes
With him, he took passion
And the light in her eyes.
Aug 2017 · 108
Roisin Aug 2017
Summer is all about
loving and leaving
but you will always
be home
to me
Aug 2017 · 296
Hold This
Roisin Aug 2017
My hands are stronger
when they interlock with yours
just a few moments longer
s'il te plait mon amour
Aug 2017 · 145
Roisin Aug 2017
We all know the saying
but love is not blind
for I believe it sees
with its very own
third eye
Aug 2017 · 99
Roisin Aug 2017
I used to wake up
every morning
and remind myself
to light up your phone
with a good morning message

Now I wake up
every morning
and remind myself
to forget about you.
Aug 2017 · 90
Roisin Aug 2017
Heavy lies the heart
and heavy lies their broken parts

Heavy lies her smile
and heavy lies his sharp exile

Heavy lies the past
and heavy lies what couldn't last.
Aug 2017 · 72
Roisin Aug 2017
I had always thought
there was beauty in her tears
Until she learned distraught
and drowned in her own fears
Aug 2017 · 80
Roisin Aug 2017
As white as sin forgiven
As pure as heavens above
Taken as it was given
Deceitful, just like love.
Aug 2017 · 301
My Dear
Roisin Aug 2017
Love is a disease my dear
and you
are very sick

Every kiss is simply
every touch a moment

You greet your death
with arms open

My dear, my dear, my dear
do you not realise?
Aug 2017 · 103
A Moment Blue
Roisin Aug 2017
As I cried
The weather saw
And the weather cried too

For once
I had a companion
In my moments very blue.
Aug 2017 · 72
Roisin Aug 2017
For every tear
that graced her face
a smile prepared
to take its place

the blue would lift
the sun would shine
and she'd be happy
for quite a while.
Aug 2017 · 82
Darling Astray
Roisin Aug 2017
I'd miss her long hair
and her absentminded stare
I'd miss her skin fair
and her mark everywhere

I'd miss just us
I'd miss our bursting flare

I'd miss her if she was ever
truly there.
Aug 2017 · 81
Love, I Fear
Roisin Aug 2017
her face fell ashen
as she said her goodbyes
with him, he took passion
and the light in her eyes.
Aug 2017 · 135
Amour Fou
Roisin Aug 2017
His kiss was as sweet as Spring
The light graze of his lips against mine
radiated warmth and melted away any of my worries
as if they were nothing
they ceased to exist.
His kiss spoke the words I didn’t know how to say.
I’d always feel his smile against my lips
before his strong hands caressed my cheek
tracing my jawline before gently pulling me in.
In that silence all of our secrets were laid bare
all of our passions and the spark of love that existed
between us could not be hidden.
In that moment, in his love, I was strong
Aug 2017 · 339
Roisin Aug 2017
a warmth, a desire
to start my fire

a spark, a light
to love despite

a flame, a match
to fall, to catch

to love, to leave
young, naive.
Jun 2017 · 854
Sin Superbia
Roisin Jun 2017
pride was her weakness
but then pride caught fire
now her pride is burned

pride was her weakness
but then pride grew tired
now her pride is yearned

pride was a relic of her insanity
her pride, her vanity
hit with reality
she is no longer proud.
Pride - a deadly sin.
Jun 2017 · 1.7k
Sin Luxuria
Roisin Jun 2017
it wasn’t love
rather lust
a gentle hand
a breach of trust
a quickened breath
an easy lie
a dance with death
a hard goodbye.

— The End —