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Shaf Sep 2015
What is happiness?
Everyone struggled to find
I remember feeling it as a child but
Where did my happiness go to?
Where did all your happiness go to?
I'm really sad today and I don't even know why
Shaf Sep 2015
He loves her as much as she loves  him
Her is everything to him
He is everything to she
If only he loves she and not her
If only she was her.
Shaf Sep 2015
Some people are desperately in love
while some are just waiting to be loved
Shaf Oct 2015
If it's not meant to be then it's not meant to be. Don't force things that can't be happening to happen.
Shaf Sep 2015
How is it that
Everything I do
Reminds me of you?
Shaf Dec 2015
She wants to be loved but nobody wants to love her.
Shaf Sep 2015
I want to feel loved as well. I'm tired of trying.
Shaf Oct 2015
She love the idea of being alone but
She hates the idea of being lonely.

— The End —