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Moon tears Feb 2016
I was just hanging there
Thinking about you
And a tear felt down my face
It didn't feel warm
It wasn't cold either
It was nothing
It didn't even hurt anymore
I can't feel nothing
It's just that nothing make me feel alive anymore
Maybe I'm not
Maybe I shouldn't be
That's when I decide
That it was over
That's when I decide
To **** myself
To die
Of course I didn't do it at the end cause
How selfish to be in peace
Letting hurt the people who **** you every day
Right ?
Moon tears Feb 2016
Mommy, the monster under my bed enter in my head
Now they are telling me to do bad things
And somehow, I want to
I can't fight my demons, so I become them
Moon tears Feb 2016
We are all diferent people with different though
But in point of our lifes
We all suffer through staff that makes us strong, make us equals
We all suffer in a point of our lives from something called love
Moon tears Feb 2016
We are all lost stars
Trying to light up the sky
Or maybe
Just our life's
We keep hoping to be a shooting star
But we are just **** burning down
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