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Frieda P Feb 2014
Peer out the frosty crack'd windowpain
translucent poetry in fractured hand
vintage thoughts rise from a steam'd
cuppa emphatic billowing overtures
prelude to the days's negotiations
darkly processing as ink bleeds
out through  cynical purse'd lips
embers of dark eye's glean'd glow
mind field's traffic steadily high-season'd
blinking lights dimly reflect'd thunder
gingerly flavor'd pungency's flair
smacking on a charm'd lick of despair
speculating rain'd on parades chagrin
put on another *** of stimulating spirits
peppering a **** melodious harmony
pen'd a snappy sparkle with a bite
left out on a din'd windowsill overnight
hullabaloo's brouhaha made a boisterous clatter
bedlam nearly snared the disquiet of will's disposition
dancing moon lover's save another testament'd hue
witness'd by evidence within a cafe's smoky allusions
covenant's bargain within the scheme of another frosted avenue
forced to whittle time in disguise flying above landscape'd rhyme
sword'd dilemma's cut another frothy fizzling perspective
twilight closes illusion's blinds on facades picturesque view
delusion's of a torture'd poet stirring in frenzy's  flurry never slumbers
RyanMJenkins Jan 2016
Refreshed, I exist in this mindstate
With a new zest for a blank page
After walking out of hell's gate -
Never looking back
The vision that was fading to black
Quickly became engulfed by flames
Realizing my disposition to get on track
The angels whispered to me through music,
Again putting meaning behind the name.
Kept my fire indoors strumming guitar chords knowing someday soon it will rain.
The darkness and breaking through the shell is any plant's only chance of gain
Sifting through dirt and various sediment let's the entity rise up above the pain.
Seeing the light for the first time still vibrating with a single thought that only growth and connection is ingrained.

What borders your windowpanes were once trees
Releasing oxygen for us to breathe
They ask only for carbon dioxide when we exhale to feed
So enrich your red blood cells and release the chemical compound we don't even need

There is balance, within give and take
Work and break, earth and quake
Low pressure and high stakes
The cloudy skies and the shifty snakes
Accelerated pace and a soft pressure on the breaks
For we are all being guided.
With the wind We are reminded,
To see fullness and not let ourselves be mindless
The space within our atoms tells me we are timeless
Free from the measurements that could adequately define this.

You will find bliss
The flame is only your passion
I see dry leaves blowing down the street and I call it fall fashion
Mirrors inside every being around me
Taught me to see that only within was I clashin'

Now is the time to take this mental paint and create something everlasting
Lucy  Aug 2015
Windowpain Eyes
Lucy Aug 2015
Glassy eyes still look glassy
I see them through window tint
Pain and all
He took my hands again
Behind doorstep, this time
He told me I would be safe here
In his arms
These scale-fish shingles and
Curtain shields
And I believed him
Yes I did
As I play behind the picket fence...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Loving the weeds for being free
Thinking they look a little like me
Steeping them in my morning tea
Dreaming of Life, the greater things
Then kissing him on his wounded cheek
Grabbing his hands, down on my knees

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And leading him
One day
Outside our Loving gate
Over street-walks, and light corners
And past the cage lures  
Showing him a life
Without sidewalks and doors    
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -         
     - - - -  - - -  A
- - - - - - spiral - -
in the - - -   .
- - -    picket - - - -
     - - -  fence - - -  - - - -
   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
He swore
That if
I lived his life
Then he would let me show him mine.  

And I believe him now
I believe him this time
The searing pain inside my brain
makes me want to right out a poem.
She moved in so close I could
feel the electricity there within .
The words would fail me
like a lovers lament will do .
The kisses were as crispy
as the laptop from which they flew .
And everyone knew you were
looking through the bay window
of your time .

The paperboy delivered
much more than my morning news .
And Cathy moved to New Orleans
with Danny as it was
her will to choose .
And the nighthawks few in the lights
it was a sight to see .
Ken kept slinging beers
while he dreamed of dreams
that would never be .
Still I see it all in the window of my pane .

I sometimes dream of Judy
and the reasons we could never be .
There's a Red Mountain resting underneath
the apartment holding me .
It was up hill , downhill ,
and it was unreasonable
so it seemed .
Anytime you had complaints
they would surely scream .
I see it all now through
the windowpain
of my mind .
Paul Rousseau Mar 2014
In a pinch
I winced just an inch
Convulsing from the crack in the

No blanket could
Banquet and save it, sadly
I pinky’d my way between lanes

Petite fingers clasped
Wrapped and entrapped in
Sobbing troubled twines

My abdomen, held
Felt body bouquet and meld
Love in the most inquisitive of times
Paul Rousseau  Nov 2014
Paul Rousseau Nov 2014
Hell holds a place 

Where I pace in a space 

And through glass, I look at you. 

Not out of vengeful fury 

But for sorrow and worry 

As I remain in a dismal blue. 

You are not alone 

And prone to the light he has shone 

With your mate, both head and soul. 

I tear at my skull

Hysterically mull, presence null 

Misery flushed by eternity’s toll. 

Obligatory affection 

For the reflection of woman perfection 

He has, but I too want you excessively.  

The glass will not break

He kisses you for my sake 

I famine helplessly to get more than your stare. 

You look back throughout his touch  

Every time it’s exceedingly much 

I fall apart watching you go.

Now in a pinch 

I winced just an inch 

Convulsing from a dream in the 


No blanket could 

Banquet and save it, sadly 

I pinky’d my way between lanes. 

Petite fingers clasped 

Wrapped and entrapped in 

Sobbing troubled twines. 

My abdomen, held

Felt body bouquet and meld 

Love in the most inquisitive of times.

Hell made me consistent

Persistent, I went with it

And caught the eye of the girl behind glass. 

Up, she got close 

Molecular woes, a lethal dose

With one touch my window collapsed. 

No one would think

Gut sink, simultaneous blink 

The possibility unconstitutionally in reach. 

Things she would say 

Meaning to days and astonishing phrase 

I would make happy all I needed most. 

Had I searched every-earth

Proving worth, providing mirth 

I would have found the same you, as inevitably. 

Now Hell has subsided 

And we reside in what’s been guided 

She is the me I like most.
Jay earnest  Mar 2019
Jay earnest Mar 2019
why even write

                         I don't need to explain.

I watch the windowpain,
I  dip into a black sun.

what the **** is the problem,

yu drive me home ******* 6 times? and call me a ******* sweetheart and you're too busy? just to spend a little ******* time ? you dumb ****? I ******* hate you and hope you ******* burn in hell after I cut your ******* head off you ******* *****

                               took a shower,

laid in bed,
drinking some JD I don't care.

first time in about year,
I 'm boring and have no vices.         life is boring .
                     I should have

a killer,
I would have respect.

                                 I  don't need                                              

this           any                                                 more

like                           solid ice

— The End —