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Paulina S  Jun 2014
Paulina S Jun 2014
Stupid**   *boys.
Rhianecdote Apr 2015
Doctor told me
I got a Vitamin D deficiency
Thought "I coulda told you that!
It's been 7 months!"


But in all seriousness
Twas a relief
To have an explanation
For all the fatigue
And flu and aches
And moods

I know I'm sick but was
Tired of always feelin ill
Child with Ricketts level
Gave me some souped up pills

Could feel it in my bone ahhs!
This is the ****** ***!
Alive again!
Spring in my step!

And though this is all said in fun
There's lessons to be taken
From the blood tests
I just had done

Put those vampire tendencies
Behind you
Catch them rays
Enjoy the ride
And erase the gloomy days
Of sitting inside
Go get out in the sun!


Bit tongue and cheek but true stories. If anyone's feeling a little low it's worthwhile to go get your vitamin D levels checked.
We are children of the light after all!
Kimberly  Nov 2017
Superhero Me
Kimberly Nov 2017
There's a spiritual realm and there's this physical plane...
In the the spiritual realm, I'm a super hero, but in the physical- I'm just plain Jane...
In the spiritual realm, I brandish huge, shiny weapons, but in the physical- I'm a homemaker, making sure that my daughter gets her school lessons...
While y'all are tucked in, snug as a bug at night- I'm on another level, fighting for dear life...
I know some of y'all are gigglin and laughin-and that's quite alright...
But you need to be aware, because we super heros...we save lives.
We see, feel, and know things that you don't even know exist
Cause bwai, if you knew what I knew? You would throw a major hissy fit!
By day, I'm Clarketta Kent...
But at night, I kick demonic *****- with an artistic bent.

Arshia Qasim Dec 2018
I sent my senses
out across the galaxy...
From the farthest corners
to highest peaks
to deepest caverns
I sent my defences
in the other direction
knocking walls
between thoughts, feelings, reveries
rummaging through memories

The squads returned empty
having wreaked havoc
inside and out

In the meantime
inspiration called, and left
to find me absent.

Writers life, inspiration

— The End —