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dmperez  Dec 2016
dmperez Dec 2016
delightful colorful
constellating memory warm
starshine in winter

message me for comments, complaints for anything :)

12/6/16 changed starshine of winter TO starshine in winter
sophia  Sep 2017
sophia Sep 2017
the stars on my mind shine at the thought of you.
Solomon  Jan 8
Solomon Jan 8
Stars in the darkness,
Of night skies or your brown eyes,
Latter is brighter.
Sam Hawkins Jan 2016
something stirred and alive came forth
out of my own heart it spoke
      all creation is of equalities
      sister brother relations
      here is truth

not to let it pass untested
i made an agreement
with belief

     blade of summer grass
     teach me

     dust speck
     gold starshine

     water droplet
     fortuitous spider
     i hear your messages

spider moved in her sun-sparkled circle
she threw me spider kisses

but when i gave her kisses back
some voice came booming

     humanity is the golden crown
     of god's achievement

and the spirit of these words then took flight,
transversed my landscape,
crossed an ocean's width of time

and dropped under the waves
with the natural weight
its distorted truth

practices of superiority
of *******, of killing exploitation
rose from the collective--
flashed their white lightening

but struck counter--
diluting dissolving disarming

greediness and favoritism
manipulation and lies

expectation of privilege
so called divine right

a voice it came again
so that greater love
may have heard itself

     *all creation is conscious
     all is alive all are equal
     none is better or worse
     than another

     remember this
They asked if I hear voices
I said that’s not quite it

Just search within for words
Words that rhyme with wit

I’ve been reading lots of books
Students and teachers do

The words are now inside me
So I go searching for a few

I linger on those letters
Ponder quietly

Put them in my poems
Then breathe - let them be

Yes, I’d like to live
As a Warrior Poet

But I’m quiet shy and solo
Do these couplets perhaps show it?

A Pirate Looks at 40
She played for my birthday

Now I’m 9 years older
50 on the way

Arriving a bit too late
The sacred in decline

An Unknown, Hidden God
The only One to find

But what the future holds
For us and my time left

Uncertain and unclear
As I drift unto my death

Music lifts me higher
Fills my yearning soul

Drives me through the night
Starshine rock n’ roll

Silence also summons
Wordless walk and wonder

I wai the wandering deer
Recognition thunders

For the animals
I send up a peaceful prayer

Future fellow feeling
May we meet in care

Who can comprehend
the intense Immensity?

I live without a why
Where? - this the quest for me.

— The End —