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BB Tyler Mar 24
heat making the snow heavy
spring night in my lover's bed
lightning gunshot
under a weighted limb
no longer

the darkness lasted three days
so we went outside
even as the news
in a fever dream
was ever inward
BB Tyler Mar 22
Age is a sound.

Wind in the trees,
leaves green,
leaves dry.

Our voices sink into us over time.
Brilliant children, open where the light shines out.
From our eyes
to heart pattern,
until even our bones speak.
Eventually, talking to river-bed stones,
and finally only listening.
BB Tyler Mar 22
They say:
"you reap what you sow"
but, by deliberation
or by wont,
those who don't
find next year's fallow fields feral.

All memories,
echos and other lives
going on.
The othering intrinsic in calling "****".

Where sickle and *****
put down
there is re-wilding;


"Whatever doesn't get harvested
grows again."

my mother said.
BB Tyler Mar 22
Having never held a sword,
they have no weight in my dreams.

Not that they're light.
There's just no aspect of mass;
no steel sheen
or splitting thinness.

There is no difference between things in dreams.

Imaginings of vision blades
while waking,
and in my sleep
pulling out  teeth.
BB Tyler Feb 13
lets make this cute

running into to the future to wrap the gifts

it’s the things we turn away from that turn up over time

put a cup of water next to where you sleep

encapsulated, like planting a seed

intentions are the vine that bare the fruit of action

it’s juice is waiting

i love you
BB Tyler Feb 3
leaving the *******
to heave itself out
i am no grace in the dark
taking my witness away
BB Tyler Jan 26
Folding makes things
smaller, closer together, and more discrete.

Self as symbols
on the letter i'm sending to you,
and our own folding,
inward and out,
defining what it is
that is us.
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