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BB Tyler Apr 2022
like a sore thumb
begs your attention
the most fluffed young rooster
is the most afraid
he knows the
like a sore thumb
unwanted attention
wondering why the wait is so long
before the honey moon
the pleasant lull between
"maybe we should
**** him" she says, to save him
the pain, maybe grab a basket before
you break
another egg
"oh please let me be normal"
I can hear my grandma say
from an old play
I can't remember the name
like a sore thumb
stuck out in more ways
than one
in the deepening summer
will be the wedding
and after the heat
we'll swim in the river
and the rooster
will scratch grain
in a retirement home
BB Tyler Apr 2022
so like a flower
a bird
petal feather to show
a generation at a time
what is life

so like a bird
a flower
flying slow from the bud
folding to land
at rest
in fruit

so like sleep
the winter
both bird and flower
lilt to wilt
and color against the cold
as a dream before the dark

and at an ending
another spring

the seed
in the stomach
of a bird
still a flower
BB Tyler Feb 2022
As I learn love with you
and we pass it between us
I might see for a moment
another of its spinning sides
catch the sun

As I learn love with you
it changes
and becomes the vision of
it gathers the texture of
and our fingers know
the time that has been taken
for love to confide
in us its true name
which is
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