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Àŧùl Jan 2016
What's called "Good Morning" in English,
"Guten Morgen" in German,
And "Bon Matin" in French,
Is called "सुप्रभात" in Hindi and pronounced as "Suprabhaat!"

I had been studying all night,
And probably now I'll sleep.
My HP Poem #966
©Atul Kaushal
Ordomkasteren Jan 2015
Nu er det allerede morgen igen.
Og igen er jeg ikke faldet i søvn endnu.
Men det skal jeg nok.
For så at vågne op ad formiddagen og opdage at jeg har mistet dagen.
Eller tidligt senere på morgenen
for at stå op og miste dagen
til det meningsløse.
JoJo Nguyen  Feb 2013
Song #5
JoJo Nguyen Feb 2013
Das Fuehrer gefüllt mit Flöte.

Listening 2 yawns,
meditating on medication,
lisping a cry to Das Führer,
I proffer a pray,
im morgen Früh, im morgen Führer,
im morgen nah; hören Sie mich.
Not 4 pleasure yearning 4 unright
Unctuous crimes. Not with U.
Not with boast (yet not with hate 2).
Hating the bath water with the babe
as it bashes Reaper's polemic
hellfire falling out of window;
Still me, in that kindness enters
my home, bowing cuz the doorway is 2 large.
Guiding in black ink,
writing a way
out of loyalties mouth,
out of sclerotic liver,
and contumacious throat.
I tongue an act, a play,
staying guilty in U,
saying guilty in Us.
Lemmings encouraged to revolt,
Offending in U,
Rejoicing only in Us.
Witness our joy, that Xanex protects
against dull moments, forgetting Us,
bland blessings rightly
Surrounded by Yawn's shield.
Ordomkasteren  Jan 2015
Ordomkasteren Jan 2015
Med morgenånde kysser jeg min smøg
og ønsker min dyne et fortsat godt liv.
Marolle May 2015
der sad vi
4 venner om et terrassebord
en tidlig tirsdag morgen
hvor solen var på vej op
småfulde, glade og trætte
efter én mandagsøl
der blev til flere
der blev til en flaske Southern Comfort
og vi skal være stille
for de andre i lejligheden sover
men vi fniser og er fulde
og Karina skal til eksamen i morgen
så det er vigtigt vi er stille
altanen vender ned mod gaden
og udsigten er eventyrlig
vi evaluerer aftenen og fniser igen
vi prøver at fnise stille, Karina jo
4 venner der er enige om
at denne aften har været sjov
4 venner der er enige om
at onklen og nevøen kunne lære det
da de blev smidt ud af dørmanden
4 venner der er enige om
at vi hvert fald skal i skole i morgen
eller det er jo faktisk senere i dag
eller det er jo faktisk om 3 timer vi skal møde
der bliver rullet en og den går på runde
for 2 er det første gang
for 2 er der ikke tal på gangen
den kører rundt og rundt om bordet
vi fniser igen, men dæmpet, Karina
3 tager hjem og 1 bliver tilbage  
vi fniser hele vejen til bussen
hele vejen i bussen og hjem
3 bliver til 2, 2 bliver til 1
jeg er tilbage og når mine 14 kvadratmeter
jeg går i seng smilende
ikke fnisende, det gør 4 venner sammen
bare smilende
og føler mig velsignet over disse 4 venner
og dér er alt udmærket

Seán Mac Falls Jun 2012
Your lips, soft and full,
Are tearing at my heart.
Your skin, freckled and bumped,
Is at play with my palms.
Your eyes, of water and stone
Rain, storming like fists of hail.
Your *******, are blooms, pouring
Like white chocolate cupped.
Your hair, is a loom even
Penelope could not weave.
Your little feet, are drumming
Like puddles by the sea.
Your thighs, make me mutter
And sigh into the winds.
I will, not go wondering now
For whom is master and who
Is slave, are you the Morgen
Or are you Fand my gentle
Ocean wave?  Your voice 
Is song, your breath is air
And your pooling, marbled
Face, torso, hair, how they beckon
And your words, gifting melody,
Such words must be forbidden.
Red Colleen (cailín rua dearg)
ag Ormond
Do liopaí, bog agus go hiomlán,
An bhfuil tearing ar mo chroí.
Do craiceann, bricíneach agus bumped,
An bhfuil ag súgradh le mo palms.
Do chuid súl, ar uisce agus cloch
Rain, storming cosúil le fists na clocha sneachta.
Tá do *******, blooms, pouring
Cosúil le seacláid bhán Cuasoisre.
Do chuid gruaige, is fiú loom
Ní fhéadfadh Penelope weave.
Do dhá choisín, ag drumadóireacht
Cosúil le locháin ag na farraige.
Do thighs, a dhéanamh mutter dom
Agus osna isteach gaotha.
Ní bheidh mé, dul wondering anois
A bhfuil an mháistir agus a
Is daor, tá tú ag an Morgen
Nó tá Fand tú mo mhín
Aigéan toinne? do ghlór
An bhfuil amhrán, tá do anáil haer
Agus do comhthiomsú, marbled
Aghaidh, torso, gruaig, conas beckon
Agus do chuid focal, gifting séis,
Ní mór focail den sórt sin a thoirmeasc.
onlylovepoetry Jul 2016

Hebrew calendar says Summer Sabbath,
the day of rest has, as scheduled...arrived

wryly, ironically, bitterly,
poet rhymingly thinking nowadays...survived

more apropos,
#even survived alive,
for therein is a concomitant, under-the-surface implication,
of the uncertainty of forecast  future,
for no matter how theoretically normalized and organized,
even a trip to a shopping mall...deadly

survive - a far, far bitter...but better fit

not sure of the why-well of my being here,
poem composing scheduled, always on this day of pause,
this week-ending demarcator of the who I am

I am among the many of little understanding,
who having garnered no solace nor rest,
that a seventh day supposedly, is purposed to beget,
for the world is in a ****** awful mess

with neither the rhyme or the reason,
the single breath I expirate, as proof of life,
is this season's perfect, sufficing hallmark,
symbolic of the reign of unceasing confusion that has left our minds
damaged and contused,
secretly selfishly thinking to oneself,
#my life matters

this Sabbath, I speak German,
the language of my father and his father's,
all my ancestors, even unto the years of the Age of Enlightenment,
today, spoken in the ironic dialect of Munich

Am Morgen borning glorreiche
the morning borning glorious

poet seeks an answer, mission to permission,
to rightly explain
how he visions in unsightly confusion
how he divines loving in Munich's tribulations

sitting in the poet's nook, upon the ancient Adirondack chair,
nature listens to the poet discordant chords
of musical tears upon musical chairs,
wet-staining flesh

all around, the other noise makers gone quiet as well
for they are pityingly, eavesdrop listening for what happens next

The Chair speaks:

"this day,
I am happily,
made of wood,
my living cells
long dispatched,
so that I can no longer
weep in time
with my poet-occupant's
struggling lines,
verses upon the decomposing
of the worst of times,
though in compathy,
my silence, by and to him,
is gratefully unnoticed"

the poet  has no visitors this fine day,
none human or divine anyway,
but not alone

for a gaggle of old ones have early come,
from Rebecca's and his mother's Canada dispatched,
my regular geese guests southbound have returned for their
summer stopover,
but so early,
for the calendar must be telling lies,
it says these are the days of July,
so named  for all  to recall
another murdering assignation~assassination,
that of a fallen Caesar,

my summertime flying audience comes yearly to share the bounty
of this, my sheltering isle,
good guests who in payment for their use of our facilities,
honk Facebook  "likes" in appreciation
for every writ completed in the nookery

this year of fear, the geese are newly self-tasked,
seeking solace to share and understand the world weariness,
so strongly encountered in the roughened atmospheric conditions
newly facing all of us

everybody's needy for respite from the next

where next?

a plump audience of eleven
on this grayed sunny day,
greet me, honking, feverishly, excitable honking, but!

auf Deutsch,
in German

full of questions about predatory man
which I fluently comprehend but of answers,
have none completed, none sealed as of yet,  
any writ by my hand to give away or
even keep

so when the temperature cooingly cools,
on their way further south, them,  it sends,
they will not be burdened with the empty baggage
of inexcusably and poorly manmade
naturalized, pasteurized, synthesized,
crap excuses

the poet's own reflection in the fast moving bay waters,
is not reflected,
these, no calm pond waters, but his own internal reflections,
beg him, explain this poem's entitlement,
this designation of confusion and its inflection,

confusion as something lovely?

no good answers do the witnessing waters or the winds sidebar provision,
the geese, the chair, all unfair,
only have similar quarreling questions for him to dare

foremost and direst first,
where is there loveliness in confusion the poems sees?

poet stands on the dock, as if in the dock,
noticed, the waters pause, the winds into silence, swept,
the gulls grounded, the geese aligned in rapt attention,
all to the poet, as jury, they steadfastly attend
to his creation, this poem's titled curse,
an answer even barely adequate, some solution?

In Munich,  ****** born and welcomed,
Dachau, the very first death camp,
sited a mere ten miles away

one could conceivably could demand that

this poet, this Jew, this could-be-Shylock,

having seen a pound of flesh extracted,
might accept this balancing as a compensation
of history's scales weighted by the concentrated demise
of millions of his very own flesh and faith

but he does not...

a nation takes in a million strangers and refugees,
not without peril costly,
visible now, these side servings of risk,
that noble gestures so oft bring

what he feels, why he cries is for the

loveliness of forgiveness,

he unashamedly honest borrows the words he confesses,

any innocent man's death diminishes him

now the winds kicks up, the waters refrosted frothy,
the gulls go airborne, the geese fly away,
searching for another poet to respirate, infatuate and inspire,
clearly, neither satisfied or enchanted with the one
presently available

only the aged Adirondack fair, his aged long time companion chair,
remains moved - but unmoving,
in the domaine of their unity, in the vineyard of
their conjoined, place of quiet contemplation

a woman observes tear stains upon his cheeks,
noticing them upon the chair's open arms now all-fallen,
tho a surface wood hardened,
the tears are softly welcomed and storingly embraced,

the three,
the woman, the chair, the poet-me,
all as one, tearfully, no longer cry in vain,
having  found a white coal seam amidst the black bunting
that decorates their glum apprehension of tomorrow's tidings


July 23, 2016
Shelter Island
NS  Mar 2015
NS Mar 2015
hvordan lyder et spørgsmålstegn?
for det er lyden af mig;
dine ikke-eksisterende ord
skærer i min hud som
skarpt papir

disse dage er hårde
og mest af alt
ligner jeg dine beskidte sneaks
der ikke klarede sidste fest

jeg er en juli morgen
du er en mandag morgen
og på en skala fra 1 til 10,
er du leverpostej
og det er så meget jeg forstår dine følelser

men vi er jo bare teenagere,
beskidte sneaks og mandag morgen
uundgåelige og alligevel den bedste kombination
altså på en juli dag

dét er lyden af et spørgsmålstegn,
buon giorno
guten morgen
despabílate amor y toma nota:
sólo en el tercer mundo mueren cuarenta mil niños por día
en el plácido cielo despejado flotan los bombarderos y losbuitres
cuatro millones tienen sida
la codicia depila la amazonia
buenos días good morning
en los ordenadores de la abuela onu no caben más cadáveres de ruandalos fundamentalistas degüellan aextranjeros
predica el papa contra los condones
havelange estrangula a maradona
bonjour monsieur le maire
forza italia buon giorno
guten morgen ernst junger
opus dei buenos días good morning hiroshima
despabílate amor que el horror amanece
Robin Dziedzic Dec 2017
Jeg vekker verden for tiden går: våkn opp

Vi kan være borte i morgen: stå opp

Jeg vekker verden, fordi jeg vil gi bort det jeg har,

I morgen kan vi miste den gaven

For hver dag er vi nærmere slutten

Som kan være starten av en ny begynnelse.

Så finn det stedet, din mening, din egen bølge,

Gi bort hjertet, gi bort alt,

Elsk,respekter andre, drøm,

Vær kul, vis verden at du er noen

Dag etter dag, tiden stopper ikke,

Jeg lever og vil oppleve hvert minutt.

Verdens farger i mitt blod,

Folkets **** med morgendagens luft,

Jeg skal vekke dere: Carpe Diem.

Stå opp med ordene på tunga, jeg lever

Fra nå av, ikke fra i morgen, fra nå av,

Har jeg ikke tid til å kaste tiden bort,

Skriv livets manus selv, og visk den aldri ut.

Alle har en vei å gå, alle er noen,

Og med hevet hode bærer de stolt sitt kors,

De kan lære deg å tro, vise deg vei.

Ikke vær redd for å kjempe for tilværelsen,  

ikke vær redd for nederlag.

Jeg vekker verden, det er min vei,

Mitt oppdrag, min mening.

Så jeg sier nå til dere alle:

“Opplev hver dag, og bruk din gave.”

Og hvis du tror på kjærlighet,

Sørg for at den er gjensidig,

Sammen stå opp og se alltid samme vei,

Vær sammen til døden skiller dere ad.

DET er gaven.

— The End —